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Saturday, 18 April 2015


I’m always intrigued when a new product comes on the market that is a little bit different from the norm. So when I saw the new Ultimate Air Dryer brush* from Eco tools, with its unique shape & various claims to improve your hair drying experience I was keen to try it out. First I would like to point out that this hairbrush is extremely lightweight & untangles my hair like a dream. I think this is due to the placement of the bristles & the fact they have a huge gap in the middle of them. The large hole in the centre is there to help improve the drying time by 40%  so you don’t damage your hair as much by using the heat for a long amount of time.. If I am completely honest, I don’t feel as though I decreased the amount of time it takes me to blow dry my hair but like I previously stated it works really well as a detangling brush. Compared to other detanglers on the market without a handle – you know who I am talking about – I would go for this brush instead because I know I am not going to fling it across the room with wet hands! This Eco Tools hairbrush is available in Boots for £10.99

Another product available to aid with reducing damage to your hair are the invisibobble hair bands*. 70% of the time I just wear my hair down, but there are occasions where a topknot or pony tail is called for. Usually halfway through the day at work when I get annoyed with my hair being in my face! Or if I decide to do some actual exercise.  – Still have Charlotte Crosbys DVD to do! -  Invisibobbles do look like thoseKeyrings with the clips on the end from the 90’s, so I was a bit reluctant to put them in my hair at first. I just figured my hair would get tangled up but surprisingly it doesn’t, and my hair actually manages to stay up in a ponytail too! I would agree that by using these to tie your hair up, you do avoid those nasty kinks regular hair bands leave, & avoid snagging, which is a thumbs up in my opinion. However in regards to them being completely invisible in your hair I don’t think this is the case. Especially considering the fact they come in a range of colours including bright yellow and pink! Would I say these are worth the spend? Well at £3.75 they aren’t a complete waste of money but I don’t see them as a necessity, on the plus side if you do buy the pink or yellow ones, you’ll be able to find them in the bottom of your handbag easily!

Label M professional haircare has been around for 10 years, and to celebrate they collaborated with Designer Giles Deacon on 3 of their backstage favourites products* used during London Fashion week. Giving them a cute kawaii makeover with the ‘Silhouette of the clouds’ print. Having tried their hairspray before & liked it I was keen to see if their other backstage favourites; the Volume Mousse & Texturising Volume Spray would live up to expectations too. 

I've been using them in my morning routine in order to give my hair that added bit of oomph! I've used mousses in the past where you can really feel the product in your hair after drying, which instantly makes me dislike it. Fortunately this isn't the case with the volume mousse from this range, it doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky or clogged with product, provides a good amount of volume at the root too which is exactly what you want really. Other days were I'm looking for a little more texture to my hair I opt for the spray, as a product you apply to dry hair, I just spray a few spritz' at the roots, tip my head upside down and rough it up with my hands. Instant massive hair. As there is no white residue like dry shampoo, I've used this to spruce up my 2nd or 3rd day hair to give it a little more life! With each of these products priced at around £13, you cant really say no. They are more affordable than some of the volumising and texturing products bloggers talk about which makes me happy! I don't really want to go out of pocket purchasing haircare! Label M products are also easily available, you can purchase them at Toni & Guy salons or alternatively if you are an avid online shopper you can get them direct from the Label M website or Look Fantastic.    

Have you tried any of these products at all? 

Much love