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Monday, 20 April 2015


It’s fair to say that candles, play a big part in our lives – dramatic much? Lets be honest though, bloggers love candles. They make good props to have in photos and it seems to be a unwritten rule to have one burning in the background of a Youtube video. There are a few popular brands out there that often make the cut; Yankee Candle, Flamingo Candles and also Lily Flame. Now I am a fan of course, especially of fresh or vanilla scents to keep my home smelling nice but purchasing candles on a regular basis can start getting pricey. I decided to switch things up a bit and try out home fragrance oils instead. A few weeks ago The Body shop had a bit of sale on, with an added 40% code I decided to give their oils a try. With the discount the final price was £2.40 per oil which wasn’t bad at all. I figured if they weren’t a big hit I wouldn’t be losing too much money on them!  I purchased their Vanilla & Tonka Bean oil along with the Jasmin & White Frangipani version. With a classic oil burner in hand and a hefty supply of Tea lights in my stash I was keen to give them a try.

Well what can I say, these oils really do give off a strong scent when burnt. Vanilla is and will always be a favourite so that was the first one to be tested out. After burning the oil for about 10 minutes the scent was carried throughout the flat, and it wasn’t too overpowering given how concentrated the oils are. It was very pleasant in fact. I loved it so much I continued to use it until it ran out. You don’t need to put too much into the oil burner either so they last a decent amount of time!

Next I tried the Jasmin & White Frangipani version. I’ll admit it I purchased this one hoping it would smell all spa like, unfortunately it wasn’t really too my taste & a bit too floral, so I made a bit of a faux pa right there! I degress. If you are someone who likes that scent this will be a winner in your books. I’d be tempted to say the scent was stronger than that of the vanilla oil. Extremely overpowering if I am honest, you hardly had to burn It in order to get a good scent pay off – is that even a real term?! So really worth your money if you want to keep your home smelling nice!
I will be repurchasing the Vanilla & Tonka bean oil again. It retails for £4 full price, however with the way the Body Shop run, I’m sure there will be a discount code floating around somewhere on the internet for me to use. There are also a lot of other scents to try so there’s bound to be something for everyone’s tastes. Heck I might go crazy and order them all just to try out…

Have you tried home fragrance oils before? 

Much love, 


  1. I love everything vanilla scented, definitely going to get my hands on that oil! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food & Lifestyle Blog

    1. It's so lovely, you def need to give it a try! x

  2. I'm obsessed with oils from The Body Shop, they are fabulous!

    Stephanie xxxx

    1. They've got a great selection of great products! x

  3. I've never tried burning oils before, but you have definitely tempted me to give it a go. I really want to give the vanilla oil a go!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog


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