Beauty: How I condensed my Makeup collection

Monday, 6 July 2015

Type 'Makeup Collection' into youtube and you'll come across a multitude of videos from beauty lovers showcasing the delights of their vanity tables. The majority of these videos include vast amounts of products, more than one could ever use up in their lifetime. Back in the day, I would be envious of these girls, purchasing products in a variety of shades to build up the numbers. Nowadays however, I have realised that it's just a tad unnecessary & it's much better to have a smaller selection of products that will actually get used rather than a huge assortment of products that often get neglected. 

My makeup - with the exception of a couple of eyeshadow palettes is now all housed in this little set up pictured above. Considering it took up the entirety of the Ikea Malm dresser drawer before, I would say I've done pretty well to condense it down. It was a pretty easy process in the end, but does take some time. Something to bare in mind when you start it - especially if your current collection is above the average! Something to get your teeth stuck into on a Sunday perhaps. 

So how did I do it I hear you cry? Well lets explain. 

1. First, get everything out. I mean everything. Tip it all out on the floor, on the table, on your bed wherever suits you. Seeing that pile of makeup in front of you gives you that motivation to sort and organise it all - we've all been there when tidying organising... stuff is still on the bed and you want to sleep. This will ensure you get the job done! Once you've done that you will need to separate it all into different categories. Blush, Base, Bronze etc. This will make it easier for you to sort through. Taking one category at a time. 

2. Within each category start by getting rid of the expired products. Unless you are exceptionally good at product rotation I would suspect that there may be a couple of things that need to be thrown away. For advice on how long you should keep your products, check out this blog post as a guide. 

3. Once you've got rid of the expired products, it's time to evaluate what you have left & get ruthless. Look at your products and decide what you really use. If there are eyeshadows you dont tend to reach for anymore or lipsticks you wore once before deciding the colour wasnt for you sat there all neglected then get rid. Ask friends or family if they would like them. My sister is often pleased to see me turn up at the house with a bag full of unwanted makeup goodies! If you have barely used products or some that are still in their packaging look into donating them to a local womens shelter. Give and Makeup is a popular choice among bloggers. 

4. By now you should have condensed your collection down a bit. Maybe by lots, maybe by a little. Either way its a good start to get you on track. When it comes to re organising and putting what you have left away you can either put it back in the storage solution you previously used or try something different. In my case I picked up this cute drawer set from TKMaxx. It is similar in style to these drawers avaliable at Ikea, so if you like the idea of them you could always try there! By having less space avaliable for the products it helped me be more strict with myself when it came to sorting. Each drawer has just enough room for my makeup items. Maybe with a little room for the additional product or two. 

5. To keep on top of my collection and ensure that it doesnt get out of hand again I have taken on the mantra of one in one out, which I first heard Vivianna mention in one of her posts or videos! There a few products I do this with anyway - Concealers & mascaras but now I implement it with my other products too. Sometimes having less choice when it comes to your makeup makes it easier too! 

Have you tried condensing your makeup collection down. What are your tips and tricks?

Much love