Blogger Bookclub : The Two of us by Andy Jones.

Monday, 27 July 2015


The book : The two of us
The Author : Andy Jones
Where to buy : Waterstones | Tesco | Amazon
Rating 3/5

This months book was my choice & I will admit, I chose it based on the cover and a very quick read of the blurb while doing my food shop in Tesco! Having never heard of Andy Jones before, and feeling pretty intrigued that this ‘chic lit style’ book was actually written by a man it went into my basket.

The entire story is focused about Ivy and Fishers relationship… they’ve not been together long and a few weeks down the line discover they are to be parents! We join them on this journey over the next 9 months. We witness the ups and downs both of pregnancy and their relationship with one another throughout this time. The book is told from Fishers point of view which I find really refreshing to hear it from the other side of the story. Often books of this nature are from the females perspective and you don’t really get an insight of what the man is feeling, thinking, or doing about the situation. The story is extremely heartwarming and what I feel is an honest representation of the feelings and motions that a newly formed couple would go through when put in this situation. Unplanned pregnancy does happen and there are some curve balls thrown in during the journey that have to be addressed whether you want to or not.

The book itself is a really easy read, if I hadn’t had a lot of things going on I could have finished this in a matter of days. That being said, as it did take me a little longer to read, it was one I could dip in and out of without any problems. Sometimes I get so gripped by the book I just have to keep reading to find out what happens next. However with The Two of Us I did feel some parts were a little predictable so I had no problems putting down the book to then pick it up and continue reading a couple of days later. Being an avid Chic Lit and easy read fan I didn’t find this too much of a problem but I know there are some people who wouldn’t like this element of the book. Perhaps it wouldn’t suck them in and dare I say it, they could get bored a little by the plot.

Overall I did enjoy the book. I liked that I was reading it from a different perspective as its not often you have a male lead character in books of this nature. Not ones where you get such an insight to what they are thinking & feeling about the situation anyway! Learning about Ivy and Fisher as people throughout this important time in their lives was great. Two people who seem quite opposite but somehow work together, a lot of honest, real emotion is present throughout the story. Like I previously said, if you are looking for a quick read for your holiday or something easy to read during your commute this is one I would recommend.

Have you read this book before? What did you think?

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  1. This is a great book, I also like to read.


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