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Monday, 13 July 2015

The Ritson Suede bag : Despite being a bit of a handbag fanatic, I don't have a small tan bag in my collection. I know Who am I? When browsing Jack Wills - I often browse and never purchase! I came across this beautiful fold over leather bag. It's the exact thing I am looking for, size wise it will be great for all the essentials. I great summer staple should I receive it as a gift or decide to buy it myself! 

The Delicate Heart Ring : It wasn't until my sister made a comment about buying another Pandora ring that I decided to have a look on their website. I'm fully aware of the bracelets as several members of my family have them and I'll be honest makes buying them a present easy - Just add another charm! I am not a massive jewellery wearer, my engagement and wedding ring are all I have on my hands, but now I'm warming to another ring for my right hand.. it's feeling a little left out! 

The Zoeva Classic Face Set : Having read numerous blog posts & watched all the videos it's safe to say I need these brushes in my life. I have a lot of eye brushes anyway so the classic face set would be perfect for me. When you work out that each brush is approx £7, you realise you are getting a pretty sweet deal buying the set. I do love my Real Techniques brushes but it's nice to have a good selection to choose from isnt it! 

The "I'd rather be buying handbags" mug : See the above point about my love of handbags. :-) 

The Printed Shorts : With my September Holiday in mind & the on/off heatwave the UK is having, I had to add these to the list. Unlike any other shorts I have seen on the highstreet, I love the Colour and pattern combinations. The tassle's just scream summer holiday or festival at me. Combine with a loose cami & a tan = Perfection. 

The One line a day journal : Turning 27 means I'm pretty damn close to the big ol' 3-0. I predict that some exciting things may happen between now and the age of 32. So why not get a journal and note those things down. I love the idea of 1 line a day as it's a lot easier to stick to & slip into your current routine. No pressure to write paragraphs and paragraphs! Because the space is limited, it means I will only write the most significant part of my day/thought/quote (whatever you want) into the journal rather than blabbing on about how it took me 45mins to decide what to wear to work that morning. 

Is there anything you have your eye on at the moment? 

Much love,


  1. I have this Pandora ring it really is lovely. The Zoeva brush set looks gorgeous x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  2. Those shorts are beautiful! Can the sun come back now please!
    Catherine xx | Brighton Girl

  3. Those shorts look lovely!! xx

  4. I like the shorts, look so beautiful.

  5. I'm currently coveting the Zoeva eye brushes!


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