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Friday, 17 July 2015


Hands up, who's heading to a festival this summer? I personally will be going along to Reading festival this year, I am just going along for the Saturday rather than the entire weekend but that’s not going to stop me taking along many a festival essential to ensure my time there is a great experience. With the weather being a bit hit and miss at the moment it’s good to ensure you are covered for all eventualities while watching your fave band/s perform on stage.

KEEP IT COVERED : Whether it’s chucking it down with rain or blaring sunshine, it’s best to ensure you have some sort of cover up during your festival weekend. Taking along a waterproof jacket of sorts is always a good idea. Pack-a-Macs are very popular and affordable. If it’s a bit warmer something lightweight like a Kimono (Buy mine here!) would be perfect. They are stylish, don’t take up much room and will protect your shoulders from the dreaded sunburn, but still keep you cool.

PROTECT YOURSELF : When the sun is shining and there’s limited shady spots within a massive field you need to ensure you are sun savy! Making sure you take a hat of some sorts, whether it be novelty or a classic style like mine to keep those pesky rays at bay. No one wants a sunburnt head! Hats also work well to cover up bad festival hair.. you know.. it’s nearing the end of the weekend and your hair is just doing whatever the heck it wants! Don’t forget to take a trusty pair of sunglasses with you too, no one wants to be squinting/frowning into the sun when you’re trying to enjoy the music! Head to Primark and pick up a cheap pair if you’re worried about breaking/losing them.

KEEP YOUR FEET HAPPY : Wear comfortable shoes. Seriously, why some people think wearing wedges or heels or some sort to a festival is beyond me. It really does happen! Stick to something comfortable. Wellies if its raining. Trainers or some form of sandal if it’s a bit warmer. Be prepared with blister and regular plasters too. Regardless if you are wearing your super old comfy converse, you will need them. Walking/standing in a field hours on end will take its toll on your feet!


HAIR : Day 1 - Your hair will look amazing, Day 3 or 4.. not so much. Keep hair in check by taking a dry shampoo with you. Maybe not the size I have! Get yourself a travel sized one! I've seen some girls wear rollers in their hair for the first day just to ensure their hair is in tip top form for the weekend! You can shower at a festival but they arent the nicest, are often cold and the ques are long. Stick to a trustee can of batiste and you'll be fine! 

STAYING FRESH : Like I said there are showers you can use at a festival, or you can improvise with a bucket of water and a sponge! However I will admit that while at a festival I opt for the baby wipe shower (facial wipes used for photo purposes) Stock up on the wipes. They help to keep you fresh while camping as well as coming in handy during the day for spills, dirt and general muckiness you may encounter while at a festival! No, you wont feel like the cleanest person in the world, but it is something and if it helps you feel a bit more normal then I am all for it. 

TOILET ISSUES : The dreaded festival toilets. No they aren't pleasant but you will have to use them throughout your time there. ALWAYS make sure you have hand sanitizer and pocket tissues with you. The amount of times you go into a portaloo and there is no toilet roll is ridiculous. Most toilet stations have some form of hand sanatizer there for you to use, but just in case take your own that you can keep in your pocket or bag. (To combat festival loo smells I sometimes rub a bit of sanitizer just under my nose before entering, it helps.... a bit) 

What are your festival essentials? 

Much love


  1. SPF is so important! Great tips, you covered all the bases :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  2. Genius idea of rubbing hand sanitiser under your nose, Reading loos are something else aha.

    Sophie x

  3. Ahhh totally agree with all of these, lots of very unfound memories of baby wipe showers! Thank god for hand gel too!



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