Life: Visiting Scotland.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


With Toms family originally from Scotland and a recent relocation by his parents, taking a quick flight north has become a semi regular occurrence. We always have such a lovely time catching up with family & my in-laws always ensure we have a jam packed stay full of things to do.  Taking an early flight Friday morning we landed in Glasgow airport at bout 10am, promptly heading towards the city centre in search for breakfast. Of course I couldn't go past the infamous Statue of the Duke of Wellington and his unusual head gear without snapping a photo. Yes that Cone is always there, and I'm pretty sure if someone decided to remove it, another would swiftly be put in it's place - Don't ask me why, I don't know!

About an hours drive from Glasgow is a town called Helensburgh, this is where Tom's parents live. They have a beautiful home right by the edge of the Gare Loch. As you can see from the bedroom snaps I took, Tom's Mum has a hidden talent for interior design. All the rooms are beautifully decorated and put together. I get serious house envy every time I stay. I definitely come back wanting to change things to our flat. Whether it be throwing a lick of paint on the walls, purchasing some fancy new bed linen or simply buying a few decorative bits & bobs to make simple bits of furniture like our coffee table become a feature in the room! You'll find me rushing to the homeware section when popping to Tesco for my weekly shop before the food these days! This time I've returned wanting to add some more colour to our bedroom, so that is now a work in progress! Maybe I'll do a bedroom makeover blog post, would you like to see that? 


We decided to go along to the Auchentoshan Distillery and pay to go on one of the tours, it only cost £6 each and you got a taster of some whisky at the end. I'm not that big on Whiskey but the tour was interesting none the less. We did end up spending a bit of money in the shop after the tour, they do a version of Auchentoshan whiskey that is just like Baileys, only available to buy at the distillery... Safe to say a bottle of that was swiftly purchased! - Unfortunately its still up in Scotland with Toms parents as hand luggage restrictions meant I couldn't take it on the plane! Don't worry I'll get it in August when they come visit!

Having attended two weddings in the past on Loch Lomond, it was nice to head along to Loch Lomond Shores to take in the sights and have a look around the small selection of shops they have there. Loch Lomond is so beautiful! I'll be heading back there in a couple of years time for another wedding too - Just proves its such a lovely spot it is to tie the knot! We also headed along to just outside Falkirk to see the Falkirk wheel. It's basically a fancy bit of construction that enables boats to travel up the canal. The distance between the levels is greater than normal so you require something a bit more elaborate than your standard canal lock! This boat lift cost 18 million to build! If you google images of the Wheel it looks like some fancy futuristic runway, seriously google, it's quite impressive.While we were there we decided to go on a little trip on the wheel just to see what the fuss was all about. It cost just under £9 per adult. We were rather toasty traveling on the little boat considering it was like sitting in a Greenhouse! But then glass ceilings and large windows enabled us to take in some of the scenery when we were higher. Totally grateful for the nice weather though (even though there was a sprinkling of rain at one point) It called for a cheeky Ice cream before we left... £2.50 for a small cone and a flake! - Where are the 99p ice creams gone!? 

The rest of our time was spent catching up with family and taking in some of the sights around helensburgh. All in all a pretty packed and enjoyable weekend up in bonnie Scotland! Have you ever been? 

Much love, 


  1. Oh I love Scotland and feel so lucky to have been able to live in Edinburgh for around 2 years - one of my favourite cites. Love all of your photos and sounds like you had an amazing time

    Laura x

  2. It seem like you all had a great time in Scotland! It must be nice to have family in such a beautiful area. I guess the days of cheap ice cream are long gone!


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