BEAUTY : Lush & their Oxford Street Exclusives.

Friday, 14 August 2015

I was long overdue a little visit to Lush. My desire to purchase some goodies escalated further when news broke that some of the exclusive Oxford St products would be available at the Reading branch. Que me hot stepping it along to Reading to see what they had in store, obviously I was going to part with some of my hard earned cash if they were stocking the items I had my eye on…

They were.

Say hello to The Comforter shower cream -250g (£9.50). Oh this product smells so heavenly! Do I really need to say much more? I’m sure you are all familiar with The comforter bubble bar. That huge, swirly crumbly goodness that helps produce masses of bubbles in your bath, whilst filling your bathroom with its gorgeous scent. Well Lush answered our prayers & have provided us with it in shower cream form so we don’t have to be without it even when we only have a few minutes to jump in the shower. I’m yet to use this with a poof loofah thing but using it straight from the bottle I am a little disappointed as there isn’t much of a lather! However the fact the scent lingers in my bathroom is enough to keep me happy so swings and roundabouts eh!

Another of the Oxford St exclusives I had to pop into my basket was the Intergalactic bath bomb (£3.95) Now, I don’t know about you but a lot of the time I chose products from lush based on what they either smell like or look like, in this case it was the latter. Having seen videos on Youtube & photos on Instagram of said bath bomb I had to buy it in order to experience it myself. I’m not usually a bath person but it just had to be done.

Keeping with the theme of having a bath, I wanted to purchase a classic bath bomb which falls under the category of many a blogger favourite, Butterball (£2.65). One of cheaper bath bombs lush offer it’s not surprising it’s a best seller, jam packed full of cocoa butter and Ylang Ylang oil. Your skin will thank you for popping this one into your bath, it leaves your skin feeling very soft and nourished. Just what you need after a little too long in the sun, or in the colder months when your skin tends to get a little drier.

Finally one of the other reasons I wanted to pop along to Lush was to get myself another pot of the BIG shampoo (£12.25). Now this shampoo was one of the first things I reviewed on this blog. The post is still there, but I wont link it because it is just far too cringeworthy! I do stand by what I said in that post and that is that I do class this more as a clarifying shampoo over a volumising one. Maybe I don’t use it properly (is there more than 1 way to shampoo your hair?) but I don’t see as much volume in my hair after use as others claim to have had. Regardless, I do love it, and even though it is a bit pricey for the size, a little goes a long way so it will last you a decent amount of time!

Have you been to Lush at all recently? Maybe you’ve tried some of the Oxford St exclusives. Let me know in the comments!

Much love, 


  1. Really love the sound of big, may have to give it a try!
    Summer / xx

  2. I need to pick up the comforter shower cream, looks amazing x

    Lucy |

  3. Their oxford street exclusives look great, I'm so glad some of them are now on the lush website and other stores x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  4. I've just repurchased the Lush Ocean Salt's my holy grail product! I've also seen that they've got a coconut hand scrub - now that sounds delicious, and is definitely something I'll have to track down! x

    Lorna // Lorna, literally.

  5. I absolutely love The Comforter Bubble Bar and have yet to try the shower cream! This needs to change ASAP X

  6. Love the sound of Intergalactic, have seen a few pictures of what it looks like in the bath and it's so pretty! xx

  7. so so so jealous! Comforter shower creme aahhhhh x


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