BLOGGING: 20 things you'll remember if you've been blogging since 2010

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


The other day I was thinking about how much the blogging world has changed. I started out predominately as a beauty blogger, I’ve since progressed into a jack of all trades really, featuring posts from different genres. This prompted me to look at my old blog posts, I did have a bit of a cringe reading them back, but I also realised how different blogs were back in 2010.. So different infact. It was all very basic, dedicated 1 post soley to a product, making sure you included swatches and heaven forbid you actually used the product before photographing it! Fashion posts would be pretty candid, if you had a tripod (or a stack of books) You’d set yourself up in a space within your bedroom and quickly take some snaps. Posts were nothing like the standard they are these days when you could easily confuse a blog post with an article in a magazine.

Therefore for a bit of fun & nostalgic purposes, I decided to collate a little list and ask you all to take a trip down memory lane with me…..

1.       Barry M Cosmetics were the bees knees back in the day, I lost count of how many Dazzle Dust pots I owned.. half of which I don’t think I ever used.

2.       Speaking of Barry M, Remember 129 palest Lavender? Only the brave would rock that lilac lip – I myself never attempted to jump on that bandwagon.

3.       I did jump on the 101 Marshmellow one though,  The ‘nude’ lip that was never really was a nude lip, a lot of us walked around sporting this concealer lip colour for some time.. go on admit it… you were one of us.

4.       Nude lips were a thing, so when Laura from Buynowbloglater (who at the time was known as Lollipop26) informed everyone about Gosh Darling lipstick being the perfect nude, I ran to Superdrug in fear that it would sell out!

5.       The same could be said with Natural Collection ‘Apple Blossom’ as soon as Zoella started featuring it in her blog posts as her perfect nude lip, I was on it.

6.       Eyeko was this cute kitsch brand where you could become a ‘Ambassador’ and get a code to plonk on your sidebar/at the end of blog posts in order to offer your readers 10% (I think) off their order.

7.       If you had 100 followers you could also sign up to be a part of the Sigma Brush Affiliate program where you would receive a free F80 Kabuki brush – I seriously don’t know anyone who didn’t take them up on that.

8.       Speaking of followers, there were giveaways for follower milestones. So you reached 500 followers mark? You rewarded your readers with a Mac Lipstick, 1000 followers? You went all out and offered 2.

9.       People would go ape sh!t over Mac Collections and pretty much buy everything from them, even if it meant they’d be living off beans on toast for the rest of the month. A particular fave of mine was the Hello Kitty one.. I didn’t own anything but I think everyone else in the blogging community did!

10.   These days bloggers love the minimal layout look, back in the day it was all about making your little space on the internet as cute and shabby chic as possible. Lots of pink, lots of flowers, ShabbyBlogs website got a lot of web traffic back in the day.

11.   Speaking of shabby chic... Forget Marble backgrounds it was all about the Ikea Cath Kidston style duvet cover! 

12.   Sleek palettes became available in Superdrug, they were the top dog when it came to palettes within the beauty community 5 years ago. I’m pretty sure every blogger owned the Storm Palette/ Contour kit.

13.   Models own 50% sale – Everyone would go crazy, this was the time to buy the many collections for a bargain price.

14.   ELF 50% sale – Even more people would go crazy. 75p for a product from the basic line? £1.50 from the studio line? We all got our orders in regardless if the quality wasn’t the best.

15.   We have our girl Anna to thank for the Jemma Kidd makeup school obsession. Shout out to the Light as Air foundation (RIP)

16.   I think it was around Christmas time when THE nail polish to own was OPI’s Rainbow Connection. Oh that multicoloured glittery goodness graced many an accent nail.

17.   Another sort after polish (which I actually still have! It's in the image up there) was Gosh Holographic. I know many of us would search high and low for this. It was always a bit gutting to get home eager to swatch it, only to find we’d gone and picked up boring Silver instead. Boo!

18.   When we were all feeling a bit fancy and wanted to step away from highstreet beauty, we delved into the world of high end makeup with Chanel Bronze Universal / Tan de Soleil despite it’s rather orange tone not suiting everyone!

19.   Chanel also brought us the infamous Illusion d’ombre eyeshadow in Emerville, I distinctly remember Lily Melrose always raving about this

20.   Finally where did we store all our makeup products, Muji clear drawers? No of course not… we all headed to WHSmiths and bought some cardboard stationery storage drawers instead didn’t we!

Have I missed anything? Thank you for taking a trip down memory lane with me!

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