FASHION: How to get bikini body ready...... put on a bikini.

Friday, 28 August 2015


I don’t know ANYONE who is 100% confident when it comes to putting on a bikini for their holiday – If you are one of those people well…. Shhh! Personally I really struggle with body confidence. At 27 I am nowhere near the size or shape I was back when I was 18 (and I used to moan I was ‘fat’ *Eyeroll*) Lifestyle changes, getting older, metabolism slowing down among other things are all factors in this change and I should accept that… but it is tough!

Not only do we have the magazines flaunting toned abs, lean legs and sculpted arms in our faces it’s all over the online world too. Blogs, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Youtube, Pinterest… you name it you’ll find a super slim, super toned females a regular feature in the popular uploads! It can be a bit disheartening. We are only human, so comparing ourselves to others is going to happen one way or another. However we need to remember that as humans we all come in different shapes and sizes. Summer is where I get the most self conscious when it comes to my body, and I admit I do have my moany days where I feel awful about myself, which leads to a mini meltdown in front of my wardrobe. But I’m slowly learning to accept that this is who I am, I can make some changes of course that may change the way I look, but overall I should be happy regardless. Sometimes confidence can be found simply by wearing something that suits your shape a bit better.

I went shopping at the weekend on the mission to find some new Swimwear for my holiday in September. I am apple shape, therefore pretty much all my weight goes on my middle (Seriously, why can’t it go to my boobs!) Although one pieces are pretty fashionable at the moment and there are some lovely designs out there, I just don’t want to be that covered up. I don’t mind tankinis, if I am going for a swim as a form of exercise but for a holiday I want a bikini! – I just love getting a tanned tum, and for that to happen I’ll need a bikini. Thankfully for me there seems to be a lot of ‘long line’ bikini tops on offer at the moment, so I have gravitated towards them, along with tie side briefs which are a great purchase if you don’t want your bikini bottoms digging in & creating extra ‘love handles!’
After a little bit of searching I came across the Floozie range by Frost French which is available in Debenhams. With a great selection of mix and match swimwear items, catering for the slim girls and more fuller figured I knew I’d find something suitable. Underwired & padded bikini tops are ones I usually opt for, it balances out my proportions a bit compared to if I went for a simple triangle style top. This beautiful striped number also comes with high waisted bottoms, however due to my apple shape they didn’t really suit, therefore opted for the side tie briefs. I always dread shopping for swimwear as like I said I have confidence issues, but do you know what? I was able to try this bikini on and feel confident. That usual feeling of upset didn’t rear its ugly head. I looked in the mirror and thought to myself. ‘yes, this is my bikini for holiday!’  Without hesitation I swiftly made my way to the checkout, much to Tom’s surprise as I usually take forever in deciding what swimwear to buy!  

So how did I get bikini body ready? I just put on a bikini.

Much love. 


  1. I've bought my very first bikini this year, I've never felt confident enough to wear one but now I've learnt that even though I'm not model material I can still feel comfortable in a bikini :)

    Kate xo //

  2. I'm not a bikini person, i've never been comfortable wearing them either. I feel much more comfortable in my one piece x


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