FASHION : The Roses dress From YUMI.

Sunday, 2 August 2015


The summer brings weddings, an excuse to dress up all fancy, visit a beautiful venue, watch two people commit to one another, eat all the food and dance the night away.This weekend Tom and I were invited to a wedding reception of someone he works with, therefore I felt it would be a perfect time to put on this gorgeous Lace Roses dress* from Yumi. 

Now this dress is completely out of my comfort zone but I wanted to try something different. Body con is not a style I go for as I mentioned in previous blog posts, but with a few trips to the gym and a little help with our good friend SPANX, I was pretty happy with how I looked. The lace detailing on the front is absolutely stunning. This is what drew me to the dress in the first place. I also wanted something colourful as I am the girl who mainly wears black on a daily basis! (Of course I had to throw in some black accessories to make it feel a little more 'me') I am short so the length probably is a little lower than on the average person, but I do think it is very flattering and perfect for a more formal occassion rather than just a night out for drinks with the girls. I love how the lace overlay is slightly longer so you get that beautiful hem line. Dreamy! 


I am not the biggest fan of the tops of my arms, maybe one day they will be all sleek and toned and I'll be shouting, give me the sleeveless dresses! However for now I prefer to keep them a little covered, this dress does a perfect job of this with its cute little sleeves. I love how the lace detailing continues, where as on the back of the dress it is just plain fabric (I'll admit I tried to take a photo of the back for you all, but lets just say they weren't the most flattering of photos, they ended up on the cutting room floor!) Fastening with a hidden zip it is a very sleek dress that looks great on its own or you could pair it with a blazer of sorts. 

My favourite shoes of the moment are these barely there heels in black from New Look. They go with everything. Admittedly I do get sore feet in them but that's because I am a flats girl at heart despite being under 5ft! Eagle eyes readers will remember that I also have these in a bright pink which I wore when I was a bridesmaid for my friend earlier in the summer. They are really affordable and I definitely recommend purchasing a pair if you want a fail safe pair of heels in the bottom of your wardrobe! 

Yumi currently have a sale on and this dress is part of it, available in black or this stunning pink for £37.50. I'll be honest, I would be tempted to pick up the black. a) You cannot go wrong with a LBD b) I really do love the lace overlay, its so pretty and finally c) It's in the blimmin' sale! 

Have you attended any weddings/receptions this year? What did you wear, leave a link to a post if you blogged about it! 

Much love, 


  1. I love that dress, pink is such a great color x

    1. It's lovely isnt it. Makes a change from my usual Black attire! x

  2. How beautiful is this dress! You look super gorgeous :) X

  3. Leanne that colour looks absolutely gorgeous on you!

  4. This dress looks lovely and the pink is a great colour on you!

  5. This is gorgeous! The pink colour suits you so much and you just look stunning. xx

  6. This is so gorgeous, and you're lucky, not many can pull of this pink!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  7. You looks absolutely gorgeous - you definitely need to wear more of that colour. I actually haven't been to any weddings this year. Most of them are next year I think! x

  8. such a pretty dress - I went for something similar from George recently and really stepped out of my comfort zone. But sometimes it's good to try something new.


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