LIFE : Movie night + The Tastebox snack box.

Friday, 7 August 2015


 Earlier in the week Tom and I decided to have a bit of a movie night. An evening away from the laptop, or the Playstation and just chill. We have Netflix and lovefilm subscriptions so we are never short of finding something to watch. We decided to go for a bit of a Horror theme starting with Annabelle –  Seriously you will hate dolls after watching this followed by a film about the Catacombs in Paris called As above down below. 

When we decide to have a movie night, we will get ourselves some snacks. Usually this ends up being microwave popcorn, some form of chocolate treats and maybe even crisps and dip… all extremely healthy…. However this time around we decided to forgo the Crisps and chocolate and try something a little different. I was kindly sent the Early Bird Tastebox* to try. Similar to Graze boxes it is a subscription service that aims to provide you with healthier snacks for you to eat throughout the week – or if you are us consume in one sitting!

What’s different about the tastebox is you receive 5 different snack variations plus two types of tea to try. Not only that, each box has an illustration on the lid from their illustrator of the month. On this box the focus is on Lumina Watanabe who’s work you can check out here. The Tastebox isn’t just a snack box, it’s aim is to combine, food, music and art together, it’s early days yet but in the future they hope to include music from up and coming artists within the box. I am assuming there will be be a free download link included perhaps.


The Tastebox is priced at £4.50 including delivery, to put in perspective, how much do you think you spend per week on snacks? Probably more than that right? So if you were to sign up, you’d not only save yourself some money, you’d also be treating yourselves a bit better with these healthier alternatives. Just pop them in your desk drawer while you’re working and when that elevenses or mid afternoon craving emerges, reach for a handy snack pack from your tastebox instead. New customers can get their first box for £1 so its worth just trying the one box anyway, it wont break the bank! I also have a code that you can use which will entitle you to one FREE BOX. Just use the Promo Code JAFFA-4316 to redeem one! What are you waiting for. Click here to sign up!

Do you like the sound of The Tastebox, will you make the switch to healthier snacks?

Much love, 


  1. Love the idea of this! Like you I always reach straight for the popcorn.. may have to give this a go.
    Summer x

  2. Love little snack boxes, I spend a fortune buying enough to get us through the week with some variety so 4.50 seems really affordable! Sounds like you had a lovely evening in too :)

    we are dannah | australian lifestyle blog


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