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Monday, 17 August 2015

Having relatives living up in Scotland means getting on a plane happens on a more regular basis these days. No longer is it limited to our Yearly (ish) summer holiday. We find ourselves heading up North every few months or so. As we are in mid august, and everyone on my facebook friends list along with those on my twitter feed seems to be jetting off on holiday. I figured it would be a great time to share some of my travelling essentials when hopping onto a plane! 


Regardless if I am traveling for an hour up to Glasgow, or taking a 7 hour flight to somewhere like Dubai I want to be comfortable. This means, leggings a loose top, comfy shoes and some kind of scarf or pashmina will be in my possession! All pretty basic, but still looking put together and stylish! I like to wear layers because it often gets a bit chilly on the plane due to the use of air conditioning! Also remember to take some nice fluffy socks - I usually take a pair from Primark! I always have to be aware of the baggage allowance when flying, even more so when we go to Scotland because we never really fly with the same airline. We will usually go whoever has the best deal really. Every airline has different rules, because of this I have to be aware of how much I can take with me, especially when its cabin luggage only! Using a handy Luggage allowance table like this one from Purple parking is really helpful when you pack! Last thing you want is get to the gate and be told your bag is too big - This happened to Tom and I on a Glasgow trip and we had to pay £45 each extra to put our bags in the hold! #Fail, so make sure you check what you can take before flying! 


Entertainment wise, I usually keep it pretty simple. I've got quite into my reading recently so my Kindle or a physical book will be present within my hand luggage. At the moment for Blogger Book Club we are reading US by David Nicholls. Colouring books are a big hit at the moment, even more so as they perfect for keeping people relaxed and calm. So if you aren't a big fan of flying then perhaps this is something that you might want to think about putting into your hand luggage! This particular one is quite small in size so it is perfect for travel. Unless I forget it, I will have my phone in my hand luggage. It's perfect to play games on, or listen to spotify offline. I currently only have in ear headphones, but when I saw these frends ones they quickly made their way onto my lust list! How amazing are these! They are called Oil Slick, it makes a change from the white and rose gold ones everyone else seems to have! I also had to add in this cute bumble bee phone case from topshop jus' because. 


Beauty wise I tend to keep it really simple when flying. I'll be honest I really cant be bothered to faff around with it all when I am on the plane! I will either fall asleep, read my book or get so sucked in with watching films via in the in flight entertainment that I just dont have the time to faff with beauty things. Does this make me a bad beauty person? Who knows! I tend to just make sure I have a good hydrating lip balm on me, some face cleansing wipes incase i want to take my make off off (this happens on the rare occassion - usually long haul) A decent hand cream that is within the 100ml limit! 

What are your travel essentials? 

Much love.


  1. Thank you for sharing, good post.

  2. Great post. When I go on a plane I always wear comfy stuff, especially if it's a long flight. A hoodie is always handy too x

  3. You've got to be comfy on a plane .. I'm not one of this people who dresses up to fly. Those headphones are great!
    Alana x
    South Wales Bloggers group


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