LIFE : Visiting Bath / The Gainsborough Hotel & Spa

Monday, 3 August 2015


For our two year wedding anniversary this year Tom & I decided to take a trip to Bath. We’ve been there before (I even filmed a little vlog thing which you can see here) but loved it so much we wanted to go again. Bath is a city we really enjoy visiting this may be swayed by the fact there’s an amazing Fudge shop called the Fudge Factory which is a must visit! I degress, as it was a special occasion Tom decided to book us into The Gainsborough Hotel & spa, and boy it did not disappoint!

The hotel only opened at the start of July so everything was immaculate. Upon arrival we were greeted by friendly members of staff, all of which wished us a happy anniversary which I thought was a lovely touch. (FYI Tom did inform them of this when booking, they aren’t mind readers ;-) ha!) The building hasn’t always been a hotel, it was once a hospital and also a college, it was weird to think that those corridors and rooms once had patients in them with doctors and nurses rushing about! The staircase was really impressive as you can see from the above photograph, it set the theme for the rest of the hotel. With a black, white and grey theme throughout, plus the added touch of mustard yellow here and there. The d├ęcor really was stunning. (I’m kicking myself for not taking more photographs) Although we were in one of the smaller rooms available, it was still very spacious. With an ‘upper level’ area for the bed, dressing table/tv, refreshments etc, whereas the bathroom was down the step and to the right. The bathroom was beautiful with its marble tiles, heated floor and Asprey toiletries for us to use.
We chilled out for a bit, checking out the refreshments on offer as the room had a Nespresso machine we could use plus the stocked mini bar which was free of charge. This was a nice added perk however for the price you pay for the room I would have expected a little more variety in there. 2 choc bars, 2 soft drinks and 2 beers. – I don’t like beer so if I wanted an alcoholic beverage before going out or just as a night cap I would have had to pay extra in the bar & that wouldn’t have been cheap. Not knocking the mini bar because of course in other hotels it isn’t complimentary but you would have expected some mini spirits or small bottles of wine in there too. Bit of constructive criticism for you there!

Rather than staying in the hotel for food we decided to venture out into the town. Having done a bit of googling beforehand I had read about The Real Italian Pizza Company. One of the top rated places to grab a bite to eat in Bath. Now everyone knows I am a HUGE fan of Pizza so I was keen to go visit. Located just along from the Abbey next to The Real Italian Ice Cream company (run by the same people, who’d have guessed!) is the small little family run restaurant where you can sample some delicious stone oven baked pizzas and other Italian dishes. We chose to sit outside around the back of the restaurant in a make shift garden area. With the small space available they made a good job of making it look pretty, with its little bistro tables and brightly coloured flowers. The pizzas were really tasty, the desserts looked just as good, however we didn’t try them as we were so full! The prices were reasonable, probably about the same as you would spend if you were heading to Pizza express and the staff were polite and friendly. Definitely somewhere to go if you are a pizza fan like me!

The rest of our time was spent chilling out in the hotels spa and drinking fancy cocktails at the Bar. We didn’t book any spa treatments when we stayed, however guests of the hotel has set times where they can use the facilities as they wish. This is something we did take advantage of. You receive a free robe, flip flops, towel, & bottle of water in each locker so there’s no need to take anything other than yourself and your swim gear! There was a set plan you could follow to visit each of the different pools and saunas/steam rooms, however tom and I just did as whatever we fancied, I get quite claustrophobic in steam rooms/saunas! – Anyone else? 

Overall we had a really lovely stay in Bath, I couldn’t fault the staff at The Gainsborough Hotel they made us feel very welcome! We only spent one night there as the following day we headed over to our wedding venue Orchardleigh house for a 1 nights stay in one of their cottages on site. It was lovely to be back there, it felt so weird but brought back so many lovely memories!

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  1. I've never been to Bath, it looks gorgeous! x

  2. I love Bath, haven't been for a couple of years now though, the pizza place sounds great too!
    Zoe | floral and feather

  3. Beautiful photos, sounds like you had a lovely trip! Happy wedding anniversary x


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