BEAUTY : 4 Ways to survive a bad hair day

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Maybe you slept through your alarm. Perhaps you went to bed with wet hair & you woke up to a frizzy mess. Sometimes you just can’t replicate that hair do you pinned on pinterest. Bad hair days. We all encounter them at some point each week (unless you have the hair of an angel & it’s always bloody perfect)  Here are 5 sure fire ways to take control of your mane and get yourself out of the door feeling fabulous.

Obviously dry shampoo is your savour for those mornings where you decide that getting an extra 15 minutes in bed  is more worthwhile over jumping in the shower. Not only does it keep the grease at bay, it provides you with volume, giving your hair that little extra oomph you need. Texturising sprays add that extra bit of grit and hold to your hair, enabling you to put it up into messy but polished up dos, or simply to give it that ‘I just rolled out of bed but my hair looks edgy’ look. 

Everyone loves a good messy bun, or Topknot. If your hair is not behaving whack it into one of those. Use a quite scrunchie thing (you know it the ones that look like bunny ears?) add a massive hair bow clip. Glam it up and no one will need to know you’ve literally just bunged everything on the top of your head pinapple style. Failing that plaits work well. If you can master the fishtail plait, go for it, over one to one side, the messier the better so it doesn’t matter if you cant do it perfectly

If you have that extra bit of time in the morning and you need to tame the frizz, whizz your hair straighteners through your hair. Are your ends looking a big crappy? Curl them loosely with your totem styler – you will instantly look put together! Grab a backcombing brush, use it on your crown, get your bobby pins and just pin a load of hair back, you do look like you’ve thought about your hair that morning when really its required minimum effort. EDIT : The hun – half up bun is THE hairstyle to have at the moment. The messier the better.

Headscarfs and hats. Just make sure you have a nice little selection in your wardrobe. Autumn stock is now in stores so you can definitely pick up some lovely oversized floppy hats to add to your collection. They will cover a multitude of sins! You can even combine all 4 tips mentioned for the ultimate bad hair day rescue remedy!

How do you fix a bad hair day?

Much love. 


  1. Ahh I tried the Got2B surf spray but couldn't get it to work for me, but my boyfriend is OBSESSED with it. He even takes it to his Hockey games for an after match spruce up, he said the other guys laughed at the "mermaid waves" on the packaging but that he had the best hair there so wasn't bothered.

    So yeah, if you have shorter hair, apparently it's amazing! I just can't get it to work on my midi cut for some reason, sob.

    Laura x

  2. If i have a bad hair dye i always go for the top knot messy bun style, super easy & quick x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave | My YouTube

  3. dry shampoo is definitely my savior, i would look a mess with out it!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter


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