LIFE: A day at Reading Festival 2015.

Thursday, 10 September 2015


Rather than get a weekend ticket this year, Tom and I decided to head along to Reading festival on the Saturday for a day of drinking, food and good music. With Metallica headlining the main stage on the Saturday night, Saturday to some was dubbed the 'Rock Day'. Having looked at the lineup I was only aware of a few of the bands in comparison to Toms musical Knowledge, regardless I was looking forward to going and having a day of fun! 

We made sure we got the train early to Reading, opting to walk to the site rather than catch the £1 shuttle bus or £5 taxi from the station. Both great ideas however the ques were so long.. a little walking never hurt anyone! (Ask me how I feel about this phrase at the end of the day) I wont lie, it was great to walk through Red Camp and into the arena knowing I'd had a nice hot shower that morning feeling fresh! While seeing others that looked a little worse for wear! (Some of these festival goers had been there since the Wednesday!) Don't get me wrong I do love festivals but I also love the feeling of being clean! I also thoroughly enjoyed the fact I did not have a big rucksack on my back nor was I dragging a tent through the mud to get there!

We decided to take a rather relaxed approach to the day. We had a few select bands we wanted to see which would justify the price of our £59 day tickets, so first off we headed to the Festival Republic stage to check out Walking on Cars. (Check out their Youtube Channel here) Shortly after their set we crossed over to the main stage where Babymetal were just finishing... Babymetal, literally the most bizarre thing I have ever come across.. If you are intrigued watch this youtube video
After hearing Foals were doing a secret set in the Radio 1/NME tent we met with Shelley to go check them out. They brought in a pretty decent sized crowd and everyone had an epic time. We were quite far at the back but it was brilliant nonetheless. After this Shelley and I needed to take a 'Wellie Off Time' moment as we like to call it. We all grabbed a drink, found somewhere to sit, shelley kicked off her Joules Wellies while I kicked off my Hunters (You can buy similar styles here) and chilled outside the NME tent and watched 'Slaves' on the screens - Can't say I was a fan of them. Then headed back in to see Spectors set who I did enjoy. Their frontman looks like a scientist, this entertained me more than it really should have


Before settling down at the main stage to catch a bit of Alexisonfire we grabbed some food. Who doesnt love paying over the odds for a portion of sausage and chips?! Followed closely by a 99 Mr Whippy which can technically no longer be classed as a 99! - This makes me feel extremely old. Festivals always have such a extentive selection of foods available you will always find something you'll love. The biggest que I saw was for the Vegetarian/Vegan stalls! 

We briefly saw a bit of Baroness, whom I had never heard of before and wasn't too keen on to be honest. There was a huge crowd forming for the band that was following them called Pvris & after doing a bit of youtubing I wish we had hung around to see them but instead we went back to the main stage to watch Royal Blood. I've seen them before on their tour earlier in the year - which was a good thing really as a bloke who was about 7ft tall decided to stand in front of me and block my view of the screens. - The joys of being vertically challenged at a festival! 

We didnt stay for the headliners as Tom had already seen Metallica and we werent too phased with the others, instead we stuck around for Catfish and the bottlemen who I actually really enjoyed. Followed by Twin Atlantic - Who I have seen twice before but still enjoyed it. Going to the festival has made me come home and want to book a few more music gigs to go to... I'm sure Tom's already on the case and has a list of them lined up! 

Have you ever been to reading festival before? We are definitely going to go again next year. Perhaps we'll get a weekend ticket next time! 

Much Love,

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  1. Look great! I have never been but live not too far from Reading so really want to go some time! I just need to convince people to go with me! (Hubby isn't a fan of live music) :( I love you blog :) I have just set my own up its xx


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