Whether you are a blogger or not you should always make the effort to take some time away from the internet. These days it is a big part of our lives, but we all need to remember to take time out every so often, its not healthy to be attached to our laptop or phones all the time! When it comes to blogging sometimes a bit of a break can do us some good, I know if I am having a bit of bloggers block I step away for a bit and usually come back to it feeling totally refreshed and motivated to create some great content. Those that don't blog, just put your phone down for a bit. Forget the whole 'if its not on instagram it didnt really happen' phrase that everyone seems to love. Go outside, make plans! There are other things that should take priority,

I will hold my hand up and say that I do not make plans with my friends as often as I should and this makes me very sad. It's easy to get distracted by your own goings on and forget that socialising with your mates can bring great joy to your life - ooh I sound a bit deep. It's true though, I always have a fantastic time when I have met with friends and 99.9% of the time when it comes to going our separate ways, we always make a point of saying we wont leave it as long next time...but we tend to.  It's nice to create new memories with them even if it's just popping around to their house for a chat. This is something I will definitely work on myself.  

I'm not one to preach about exercise because I am not perfect, however I realise as I am getting older I need to make sure I incorporate some light exercise into my life which will be a benefit to my health. I have recently started to run. I took part in a 5 mile muti terrain run the other week which I completed in an okay time considering I was suffering with a bad cold! It's hard to run when you cant actually breathe through your nose! Going forward I want to make sure I keep up gentle runs regularly each week. It's a free and easy way to get active! I feel this is something everyone should bare in mind. I'm not saying you need to go and do a hard core gym sesh every day, however maybe try to make an effort to be a little more active. Go for a walk on your lunch break. Try a new sport with friends - make it a social thing. Netball seems to have made a bit of a comeback recently! 

Just like your friends it's very important to make the time to go visit your family. I'm pretty lucky that I live close to my family, however on Toms side his family is all over the place (Scotland, Mexico & Dubai!) so we don't get to see them as often unfortunately! If you can make sure you make plans to see your family if you don't live with them anymore, if they are too far to visit then schedule in a phone call or skype! Family comes first before anything else so if you should definitely be making time to see/talk to them. With the Christmas season Upon us the chances are you will be seeing them a lot more.

As beauty bloggers having a pamper is something that we probably all do on a regular basis, however if it's an area you tend to neglect then you should make sure you run yourself a nice bath stat! What better way to relax than give yourself a bit of TLC, even if its just spending a little more time in the bathroom, grabbing your favourite book  and having chill  in the bath for a bit. You dont need to turn your home into a spa, but just take the time to pay a little more attention to yourself. Even if it's a little change like making sure you do apply your Body shop body butter after the shower. Or giving your hair a proper blow dry... Take pleasure in matching your finger and toenails when painting them. It may all be cosmetic but it's a bit of a mood booster too.

Do you make sure you fit these things into your routine?

Much love

The Book : The Letter
The Author: Kathryn Hughes
Where to buy: Amazon | Waterstones 
Rating:  3/5

"Tina Craig longs to escape her violent husband. She works all the hours God sends to save up enough money to leave him, also volunteering in a charity shop to avoid her unhappy home. Whilst going through the pockets of a second-hand suit, she comes across an old letter, the envelope firmly sealed and unfranked. Tina opens the letter and reads it - a decision that will alter the course of her life for ever...Billy Stirling knows he has been a fool, but hopes he can put things right. On 4th September 1939 he sits down to write the letter he hopes will change his future. It does - in more ways than he can ever imagine...The Letter tells the story of two women, born decades apart, whose paths are destined to cross and how one woman's devastation leads to the other's salvation."

It's difficult to talk about this book without giving too much of the plot away. Unlike our last book for Book Club I feel the blurb is a true representation of the story and what to look forward to as you make your way through it. As it suggests,the events of the book all relate to a letter Tina finds while working in a charity shop, that for some mysterious reason was never actually posted. Despite troubles in her own life with her abusive husband Rick, she's determined to get the letter to its intended recipient. The Letter is a book that flips between time periods, which is something I was a bit apprehensive about at first. It's not often I read books that are set in the past. I'm very much a modern gal when it comes to book genres. The book switches between the 1940's and 1970's. The time period in which the letter was composed by Billy Stirling to Chrissie and then Tinas quest to find her. I feel the transition between the two was nicely done. The book is actually split into 3 parts, and if you read it, you will understand why. I do think this worked well despite a couple key points ending quite quickly which I felt were a bit rushed. I will also admit that I guessed the outcome of the book about midway through. It is a little be predictable once you get into the story, but I still enjoyed it!

Having seen reviews online before, where others had stated it was a bit of a rollercoaster ride of a book, I was waiting to go through a mix of emotions when reading. Which I wont lie I did to some extent however not so much that I would say it really moved me to show it on my face! Put it this way, Tom wouldn't have known I was reading something upsetting or something that angered me at the time! Overall I would say it was a pleasant book to read. I liked how easy it was to dip in and out of which was of course handy for me as I mainly read while commuting to work. I would recommend reading it if you wanted something for that exact purpose, perhaps a good holiday read. It's not too intense and dare I say it, you dont need to concentrate too much to keep up with the different characters. 

Find out what the other girls thought of this book by checking out their blog posts. 
Lorna | Lizzie | Charli

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Our book club Book for November is Techbitch. If you would like to participate let me know in the comments on tweet me!

Much love


BEAUTY: Boosting your perfume scent.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


I’ve currently got a nice little selection of perfumes going on in my collection, but I will admit some of them aren’t as strongly scented as others which makes me a little sad. This is something that can happen though depending on your perfume of choice, where it’s from, how much you have paid for it etc. Higher end perfumes give a better scent due to the ingredients used. They are usually of higher quality than the cheaper ones available to purchase hence the higher pricetag. Not wanting to neglect any of my fragrances due to their weaker scent pay off or longevity I’ve decided to take action and follow a few steps in order to boost them a little. Here’s what I do. 

Applying a perfume to moisturised skin enables to scent to stick better, therefore making a great canvas for your perfume. Obviously an unscented moisturiser would work best as you wouldn’t like scents mixing. However if you are one of those people that gets inundated with gift sets at Christmas the chances are you probably have a moisturiser lurking around that matches your perfume. Use that one to help boost the scent and make it last longer.
There are actually particular spots of your body you should spritz your perfumes. Your wrists (don’t rub them together after!) Your neck and d├ęcolletage are the main spots that hold the scent well. Sometimes for an extra boost I will actually spritz a little in my hair, it will absorb the perfume better than your skin! 

I really like fresh fruity scents which means a lot of the time the longevity of the fragrance doesn’t last. If you choose a perfume with ingredients that are more powerful by nature such as woods, musks, incense etc they will last longer. Of course it’s all down to personal preference but it’s something to consider next time you are shopping for a new scent.

Ever walk past someone down the street and get hit with a wave of their perfume? Either they have a really expensive potent scent on or they’ve done a sneaky little trick by spritzing a little on their clothes. Particularly in the winter I spritz the scarf I am wearing with my perfume too, a bit like your hair certain fabrics will absorb the scent better.

Although it may look pretty and totally instagramable to have your perfumes all lined up on a tray on top your dressing table, it’s really not the best storage solution. The best way to store your perfumes would be in a cool and dark place like a drawer. Of course when you need to Instagram by all means take them out to set up but for the majority of the time, its best to keep them hidden away so they stay at their best!

Much love, 

It wont be news to you that I love to have fresh flowers in my home. I've mentioned it before, They are a mood lifter, they make the room look a bit more put together. They simply look really pretty and make perfect props for blog photos! No one would say no to a bouquet of fresh flowers delivered! Whether you purchase them yourself or you are luckily enough to have someone surprise me with a bunch they are a welcome addition to any home! 

I recently purchased various little plants to scatter around our home to add a bit of somethin' somethin' into each room. Succulents, Cacti and other easy to take care of house plants are my go to when it comes to any form of greenery but you cant beat mixing it up a bit with a few bunches of flowers now and again. I was kindly gifted this Peach Parfait bouquet* from Applelyard London. A florist company that I hadn't heard of before. They arrived in a large box, wrapped securely with bubblewrap so no damage could be caused in transit. No one wants to receive damaged flowers. I swiftly unwrapped them and popped them into a vase to admire them in all their glory! The Peach Parfait bouquet contains garden roses, vuzuela roses, memory lane roses, blue veronica along with other green shrub style leaves to bulk it up a bit. The combination of all of them together really is beautiful. They are a welcome addition to our living room. 

If you aren't looking to send flowers, they also offer a great selection of different themed hampers to send to your loved ones which would be great for Christmas! - It's not too early to be thinking about Christmas gifts right? Biscuits, wine, cheese, cake and more! YUM! If you have friends or members of your family who prefer plants over bouquets they have them too, I know my Nan would probably prefer a good plant that she can take care of and watch grow. 


Appleyard London have kindly provided me with a discount code to share with you should you want to purchase a luxury bouquet from their site. For 33% off simply use the code BLOG33 at the checkout! Make sure you take advantage of this discount, you might even need to sort out a last minute gift for someone so take advantage of their next dayflower delivery service that they offer on the site! 

Have you had anything from Appleyard London before?

Much love,


We've all had that scare when we have to get our makeup applied in record time. It could have been because you over slept, your friends turn up and announce you are going out for drinks. Or maybe, just maybe your time management skills are not up to scratch and Netflix just takes over... Before you know it you have 5 minutes to get ready and your faced with a plethora products to choose from.
Fear not. I have compiled a selection of eye products which will infact assist you in looking even more beautiful (than your natural selves) & you will not have to worry about mutliple tools, shades or how good your blending technique is. A win all around, wont you agree? 

A lot of high end brands offer pots of cream shadows within their collections however I personally my favourites would be the paint pots from Mac. Perfect for when you are in a rush but want a lil' something on your lids which is highly pigmented and lasts all day. I currently have a small collection in my stash. Bare Study is a beautiful champagne shade that looks absolutely beautiful on it's own, and also makes a great base when looking to do a more complicated look when you have time! For the opposite end of the spectrum I have the paint pot in Constructivist which is my go to when I want a bit of a smokey look. This metallic brown pigment works brilliantly on its own applied around the lash line with minimal blending for a sultry look!  A drugstore alternative to Mac Paint pots would be the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's (£4.99). These are easily accessible from most Boots or Superdrug stores. The colour range is fairly good and pigmentation is commendable. Definiately one to check out if you have a lower budget. And on Bronze is popular shade!

Shadow sticks are getting a fair bit of exposure at the moment and for good reason. A staple in many high end collections gracing our beauty halls they are popping up left right and center. Not only are they extremely easy to work with and apply, quite often they are available in a array of shades suitable for all. The Bobbi Brown shadow sticks are a recent discovery but I am already hooked. They are really creamy so work perfectly on the eyes, highly pigmented and blendable. Again another product that work well on their own for the girl on the go, or as a base if you have a little more time to spare! If you are looking for a more affordable alternative. Kiko have a range of Long Lasting Shadow Sticks (£6.90) which I am yet to try, however have seen many a blogger raving about! Like their higher end counter parts they are very easy to work with and come in a great selection of shades to choose from. 

One wash eyeshadows are the ultimate go to product when you are in a rush. I've seen many a blog post sharing individuals favourites. Personally my go to shades of the moment are Urban decay Sin eyeshadow for a nice shimmery wash across my eyelids. The buttery shadows apply so nicely I literally only have to swipe the brush once! Paired with a quick swipe of liquid liner and I am good to go. For a slightly more dramatic look I will opt for Mac Sable. A cool metallic bronze that works great during the day or evening. If you are looking for something a little more purse friendly the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 palette (£6.99) has a fantastic selection of both matte and shimmer shades with high pigmentation making it a perfect palette for all sorts of quick looks. 

What are your grab and go eye products, have you used any of the ones mentioned? 

Much love, 

BEAUTY: Mini Reviews 01.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

This has swiftly become my new favourite eye makeup remover, which has already made itself into my repurchase pile. Previously I used one from the Body Shop, but as my local store closed I decided to look for an alternative. It is extremely gentle on my eyes and removes even the most stubborn of waterproof mascaras. Shake it up, pop some on a cotton pad, hold on the eye for a few seconds and wipe away. Simple! My only bug bear is that you can only buy it in the 125ml bottles. It would be great to have it available in a larger bottle like the Misceller water. But for now I will just take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer. I mean at £3.9 its not exactly breaking the bank is it!

I only have one gripe with this cleanser, & that is that it is Lavender scented. I am really not a fan of lavender! Apart from that though, I really do like it. It cleanses my skin well, leaving it feeling very fresh, soft and supple. It melts my base makeup away with ease & without irritation which of course is a plus! Retailing at £10 (unless on offer) makes it really affordable and a good alternative to some of the higher end brands out there. I don’t think I will repurchase purely based on the fact I really dislike the scent of it, so I find myself holding my breath as I cleanse! Not one for those who have a dislike to lavender scented products!

This mask is predominantly meant to help purify and refine oily skin. Now I don’t have the worst skin but I can get slightly oily in my TZone so I was happy to give it a try.  I’ve been using it on a weekly basis and I have to say I feel as though my TZone oiliness has reduced slightly. After use my skin looks visibly clearer and a lot more plumped than usual. It’s also helped to reduce my pores which is bonus too. It is on the pricey side however I feel it’s quite justified purely for the fact I don’t need to use too much with each application, therefore it lasts a long time…and it works!  

Have you tried any of these products at all? 

Much love. 
My most used app on my phone is probably Instagram. I'm sure I am not alone here when I say I check it constantly throughout the day, scrolling on and on liking many images from various different accounts! Whether its perfectly set up photos from our fave fashion bloggers, to candid ones from a celebrity we all just love having a little nose into other peoples lives! Now I may not be the most regular poster on there (I'm working on it!) but I definitley make up for it with the amount of accounts I follow. Today I thought I would share a few from my list just in case you werent already aware of them! 


So do you like Pugs? You do? Well you need to get your butt following Heidi's instagram account then! A recent find of mine, although Pugs would not fall into my favourite breed of dog you cant deny that they are bloody cute... especially in pairs.  Just look at that face being pulled at the tub of icecream. What is not to love! Heidi also shares snippets of her home which is beautifully decorated along with some other additions like beauty bits and bobs. Well worth a look/follow. Especially if you love pugs. PUGS! 


I would love to just raid Stacies wardrobe please! As a personal shopper you know she's got style! Whether its a special designer piece or something off the highstreet, she will incorporate it into her wardrobe and create some brilliant looks. Be warned, you will get a case of serious Wardrobe envy when you scroll through her snaps. She sometimes tags the brands she wears, however if not chances are that you can find out where things are from in the comments! 


Having discovered Chloe on Youtube I swiftly checked out all her other social media channels. Her make up skills are on point, I wish I could do my eye makeup as well as her! Since following her I have discovered many new products to try! If you see a look on her instagram, chances are that there is a video on her channel which replicates the look (or similar) Definitely one to look out for! When she isnt posting selfies you'll find really relateable quotes or pictures of new makeup releases she very fortunately gets sent by brands.

I'm not sure if I will make this a series but I thought it would be nice to feature some instagrammers that you may also enjoy looking through the feeds of. I know a lot of people are trying to grow their instagram following, so its nice to share the love!  
Can you recommend anyone on Instagram to follow? Let me know in the comments. 

Much love