BEAUTY: Boosting your perfume scent.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


I’ve currently got a nice little selection of perfumes going on in my collection, but I will admit some of them aren’t as strongly scented as others which makes me a little sad. This is something that can happen though depending on your perfume of choice, where it’s from, how much you have paid for it etc. Higher end perfumes give a better scent due to the ingredients used. They are usually of higher quality than the cheaper ones available to purchase hence the higher pricetag. Not wanting to neglect any of my fragrances due to their weaker scent pay off or longevity I’ve decided to take action and follow a few steps in order to boost them a little. Here’s what I do. 

Applying a perfume to moisturised skin enables to scent to stick better, therefore making a great canvas for your perfume. Obviously an unscented moisturiser would work best as you wouldn’t like scents mixing. However if you are one of those people that gets inundated with gift sets at Christmas the chances are you probably have a moisturiser lurking around that matches your perfume. Use that one to help boost the scent and make it last longer.
There are actually particular spots of your body you should spritz your perfumes. Your wrists (don’t rub them together after!) Your neck and d├ęcolletage are the main spots that hold the scent well. Sometimes for an extra boost I will actually spritz a little in my hair, it will absorb the perfume better than your skin! 

I really like fresh fruity scents which means a lot of the time the longevity of the fragrance doesn’t last. If you choose a perfume with ingredients that are more powerful by nature such as woods, musks, incense etc they will last longer. Of course it’s all down to personal preference but it’s something to consider next time you are shopping for a new scent.

Ever walk past someone down the street and get hit with a wave of their perfume? Either they have a really expensive potent scent on or they’ve done a sneaky little trick by spritzing a little on their clothes. Particularly in the winter I spritz the scarf I am wearing with my perfume too, a bit like your hair certain fabrics will absorb the scent better.

Although it may look pretty and totally instagramable to have your perfumes all lined up on a tray on top your dressing table, it’s really not the best storage solution. The best way to store your perfumes would be in a cool and dark place like a drawer. Of course when you need to Instagram by all means take them out to set up but for the majority of the time, its best to keep them hidden away so they stay at their best!

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  1. Oooo I like the sound of spraying your perfume on your scarf! Going to try that trick!


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