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Thursday, 15 October 2015


We've all had that scare when we have to get our makeup applied in record time. It could have been because you over slept, your friends turn up and announce you are going out for drinks. Or maybe, just maybe your time management skills are not up to scratch and Netflix just takes over... Before you know it you have 5 minutes to get ready and your faced with a plethora products to choose from.
Fear not. I have compiled a selection of eye products which will infact assist you in looking even more beautiful (than your natural selves) & you will not have to worry about mutliple tools, shades or how good your blending technique is. A win all around, wont you agree? 

A lot of high end brands offer pots of cream shadows within their collections however I personally my favourites would be the paint pots from Mac. Perfect for when you are in a rush but want a lil' something on your lids which is highly pigmented and lasts all day. I currently have a small collection in my stash. Bare Study is a beautiful champagne shade that looks absolutely beautiful on it's own, and also makes a great base when looking to do a more complicated look when you have time! For the opposite end of the spectrum I have the paint pot in Constructivist which is my go to when I want a bit of a smokey look. This metallic brown pigment works brilliantly on its own applied around the lash line with minimal blending for a sultry look!  A drugstore alternative to Mac Paint pots would be the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's (£4.99). These are easily accessible from most Boots or Superdrug stores. The colour range is fairly good and pigmentation is commendable. Definiately one to check out if you have a lower budget. And on Bronze is popular shade!

Shadow sticks are getting a fair bit of exposure at the moment and for good reason. A staple in many high end collections gracing our beauty halls they are popping up left right and center. Not only are they extremely easy to work with and apply, quite often they are available in a array of shades suitable for all. The Bobbi Brown shadow sticks are a recent discovery but I am already hooked. They are really creamy so work perfectly on the eyes, highly pigmented and blendable. Again another product that work well on their own for the girl on the go, or as a base if you have a little more time to spare! If you are looking for a more affordable alternative. Kiko have a range of Long Lasting Shadow Sticks (£6.90) which I am yet to try, however have seen many a blogger raving about! Like their higher end counter parts they are very easy to work with and come in a great selection of shades to choose from. 

One wash eyeshadows are the ultimate go to product when you are in a rush. I've seen many a blog post sharing individuals favourites. Personally my go to shades of the moment are Urban decay Sin eyeshadow for a nice shimmery wash across my eyelids. The buttery shadows apply so nicely I literally only have to swipe the brush once! Paired with a quick swipe of liquid liner and I am good to go. For a slightly more dramatic look I will opt for Mac Sable. A cool metallic bronze that works great during the day or evening. If you are looking for something a little more purse friendly the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 palette (£6.99) has a fantastic selection of both matte and shimmer shades with high pigmentation making it a perfect palette for all sorts of quick looks. 

What are your grab and go eye products, have you used any of the ones mentioned? 

Much love, 


  1. I haven't used any of the ones you've mentioned but I love Bobbi Brown. My grab and is the benefit big beautiful eyes x

  2. Some great products here. I've sometimes had to do my makeup in a rush and have had trouble deciding what to use x

  3. I'm always running late so this is the perfect post for me! I am yet to try a shadow stick but I'll be looking out for them the next time I shop!

    Laura | What's Hot?

  4. Some fab products, I love shadow sticks for make up on the go.


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