The book: TechBitch
The Author: Lucy Sykes & Jo Piazza
Where to buy: Amazon 
Rating: 4/5

Imogen Tate, editor-in-chief of Glossy magazine, is a legend in the fashion world. But when she returns from a sabbatical to find her twenty-six-year-old former assistant, Eve Morton, behind her desk, she realises times are changing.Armed with a business degree, naked ambition and an iPhone, Eve announces she has been brought in to turn Imogen's beloved magazine into an app. With herself at the helm.
In this terrifying new world, Imogen is almost invisible. In place of her team of dedicated staff is a constantly evolving line of twenty-something bloggers at their desks day and night ('Only losers need sleep!'), amateur snaps instead of elegant photo shoots, and a URL address in place of Imogen's glossy pages. But Imogen isn't ready to give up her hard-earned career without a fight. Where Eve has Twitter followers, Imogen has experience, talent and real relationships, and she's prepared to fight for the fashion world she knows and loves. Even if it means going to war with a ruthless Techbitch

Sometimes it's nice to pick up an easy, non challenging read. This is exactly what Techbitch is. If you are a fan of really girly chick lit then this is the book for you. Imogen returns to work and everything has changed. The magazine she's helped grow as Editor in Chief has done a complete 180 and instead of being a print based publication its going online.. which of course would be fine apart from the fact Imogen doesnt know much about the online world and is completely out of her depth. A lot of things have changed, if you look at it realistically possibly too much in such a short space of time. But I can look over that little issue! It was nice to read something that I could in a way, as a blogger relate to. Social media and the online world plays a big part of my life and this book shows how much of an impact various channels can effect it. Now I don't believe that at 42 years old Imogen wouldnt know how to use some of the digital applications put infront of her. I mean 42 isn't that old! 

I grew to hate Eves character, She is a complete bitch, annoying and rude. There werent really any other standout characters within the book with it predominately being based around the relationship of her and Imogen. I could say it would be expected given the title of the book so it wasn't that much of a shock to me. There were funny bits, bitchy bits, awkward moments but then also some really nice ones. Like I said it wasnt a challenging read at all. I actually finished it in a day. Personally it was one I couldnt put down and just powered through. There a couple of unbelievable moments within the story hence the 4/5 rating but overall I did enjoy it. 

I know chick lit genre isn't for everyone. However if you fancy something quick and easy to read it's definitely worth giving a go! 
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There are times, when you don’t need to shell out mega bucks to find a beauty gem. This was the case when browsing the makeup aisles of boots looking for a more winter appropriate lip colour a couple of weeks ago. Yes we all know about good ol Rimmel 107, That berry hued lipstick. A firm favourite of Zoe Suggs along with everyone in the beauty community it seems. But I already own this and to be honest, even though I found a way to make it work for me I don’t  really wear it too much. I still find it a bit awkward to apply... I don't have time to faff with a lip brush with every application! Recently I have found myself drifting towards lipliners and using those as a lipstick, they are much easier to use on the go. It’s been working well. One shade I have actually repurchased a couple of times is also from Rimmel. The Exaggerate lip liner in East End Snob. It’s easy to apply, the colour is lovely for day time, the colour lasts and hardly costs the earth… with that in mind, I thought why not check out what other shades they have on offer. Maybe they’ll have something a little more suitable for winter.

I knew they had brought out some new shades so was certain I would probably find something suitable….and I did. Enter the shade 105 ‘Under my spell’. It’s a lot darker than I would EVER go for. But you know, I’ve been feeling a little brave and thought WHY NOT. Being part of the same line, it has all the qualities of East End Snob but just the other end of the shade spectrum! This has swiftly become the shade I sport on the weekends, leaving East End Snob as the more work appropriate option for during the week!

At £3.99 it is an absolute steal, I know I will probably find myself buying another before this one runs out. I’d be tempted to look at some of the other shades too. If any of you have any recommendations then please do leave a comment. I think I’ve discovered a new favourite lip product! If you want to see what it looks like on then head over to my instagram account

Isn’t it nice when you don’t dread a product running out because you know you won’t have to live off beans on toast to replace it?

Much love, 
 London Retro Metropolitan Frames* (£95) 

Another pair of new glasses courtesy of the brand London Retro available at Glasses Direct. I always find glasses shopping so hard, so when an email came through to my inbox asking if I would like to collaborate with the brand again I jumped at the chance seeing as I am already a fan. 
I now know what suits me which makes it a bit easier for me when it comes to deciding on new frames. This time around I decided to go a little bigger with the Metropolitan frames, which I believe are unisex. To mix it up slightly I chose to for for the black/brown style frames instead of my usual black. I will be honest I am a little dissapointed because I thought all the frame would have a tortoise shell effect not just on the bottom half of the frames. I guess on the plus side it makes a subtle change which I can easily get used to so all it isn't the end of the world!  

As I've mentioned before in previous posts about the website, they do offer a free home trial where you can pick 4 different frames to try out before committing to buy. Something I may consider next time if I want to give a different brand  a try other than London Retro Glasses! Sometimes it is a case of 'if it isnt broke dont fix it' This brand works well for me and they aren't too expensive either really. None of the frames are over £100 which is good for a branded pair of specs. Tom recently bought new glasses in store when he got his eyes tested and ended up spending a small fortune! If you are looking to save a few pennies it is often best to have a look to see what you can get online first! 

Perhaps one day I will be brave enough to try contact lenses - because lets be honest there are some occasions where you want to just show off your makeup and glasses do kinda get in the way of that! I'm just a bit scared! I have quite dry eyes aswell so I don't know whether contacts would make it worse? Calling all Contact Lens wearers, share your wisdom and advice! 

Do you wear glasses? What's your favourite brand for frames?

Much love, 

It’s been a while since I’ve done a favourites post on here, so why not get the ball rolling with Octobers better late than never eh? Personally I had a very busy month meaning it flew by and I can’t quite believe we are in November now! The countdown to Christmas has begun! Sorrynotsorry.

We all know I love a good handbag so when I spotted this bag inspired by the infamous Chloe Faye I had to buy it. It cost me just under £15 which included postage from HK. I know some people can get a bit dubious when it comes to purchasing from countries like this due to the usual long weight to receive items. However this was not the case here, the bag arrived within a week of ordering which I was extremely impressed with, I honestly thought it would take longer! I wont ever be able to afford the real deal but, I change my mind so quickly with handbags its probably best I don’t part with too much cash! The seller also has it in the tan shade if that’s what you prefer, I am gutted I couldn’t get the black. Black goes with everything!

Not that the following item could fit in my Chloe Faye inspired bag I have still been loving it all the same when using something bigger. This Michael Kors Jetsetter wallet* from Tessuti has been a welcome addition to my small MK family. I treated myself to the Large Selma tote 2 summers ago on my honeymoon, so it was only right to eventually get a wallet to match. I know the pink isn’t exactly a ‘winter’ colour, but I love how it contrasts against the black Selma, making it really stand out. There’s enough room for all my cards, coins and lets be honest… ALL THE RECEIPTS.


Fashion wise it’s been all about these ankle boots that came from Marks & Spencer of all places! I never tend to go in there really if I am honest so this was a stroke of luck really! One rainy Saturday afternoon I ran in for shelter (note to self get a small umbrella!) from the horrendous rain. While browsing I found these gems. The only ones left on the shelf and in my size. It was fate. At a bargainous £39.50 I headed swiftly to the till and bought them! I am not lying when I say these haven’t really left my feet since. They look great with skinny jeans, even dresses and skirts. The perfect al rounder boot which are comfortable and look stylish! I also feel that because they are M&S the quality will be a bit better making them last longer.

Other things I have enjoyed doing during the month of October is Reading (Check out Octobers book club post here) Filling the flat with beautiful candles like the ones mentioned in this post and also making plans for the festive period.

What have you been enjoying this past month?

Much love, 

The evenings are getting colder & darker quicker, which means I am pulling on my cosy knits like there's no tomorrow when I get home from work! Nothing beats getting in from a days hard work, throwing on some leggings and a nice big knit to keep you snug! The high street has it's fair share of decent knitwear on offer at the moment, therefore I've done a bit of browsing for you and picked 20 knits which wont break the bank but will keep you feeling warm and cosy this winter. 

I'll be honest, I am tempted to purchase a few of these myself given how cheap they are! I definitely like the monochrome style jumpers the best. The bigger and slouchier they are, the better in my opinion! You just cant go wrong with a bit of b&w! Get in from work, throw one of these on, make yourself a hot choc and chill for the rest of the evening with a couple of movies or a catch up of TV! Perfect! 

Much love, 
It appears that now is the time for many people on my facebook friends list to start making some extra money by signing up and selling beauty products from particular brands. Why not, it is Christmas soon after all, I am all for if you can make it work for you and you are honest about what you are trying to sell to friends and family. I've mainly been seeing posts relating to Younique pop up on my feed as well as Forever Living. Having never tried any of these brands before I was willing to trial a few products for my friend Sarah who has recently become a representative for Forever Living. 

Sarah provided me with a basket of products to try, which I could pick and choose what I wanted to sample. I felt was a really good idea as it means I had the option to test something out before going ahead and parting with my cash. Its just a fact of life that we aren't all going to get along with certain products no matter where they come from, so it's really nice to have that option to have a little try before hand! I'm not sure if this is something all reps do though so you would have to check with your nearest one if it's something they offer. 

I had the products for about 2 weeks, so I thought it would be nice for you all to read what my first impressions of the products were as I'm sure like all other products, people like to do a little internet research on others thoughts of products before committing to buy! 

Forever-living-forever-aloe-moisturizing-lotion-review-blogAloe Moisturizing Lotion : £12.73
This moisturizer is multipurpose one. You can use it all over body or on your face if you would prefer. I chose to trial it as a nightly facial moisturizer because that was how I could incorporate it into my routine (I also didn't want to take the mick and use up the entire tube from Sarahs Sample basket!) If you didn't know already Aloe Vera is one of the main ingredients in all of Forever Livings products. With this in mind I thought that the products would...well smell like plants. However I was wrong. This moisturizer has a really nice subtle scent which is not overpowering in the slightest, combine this with its ability to absorb into my skin relatively quickly made it a winner in my books. Each morning when I woke I felt like my face had a really boost of hydration, with the colder months now upon us my face has felt a little dry. The heating going on, being out in the elements on my commute, this product has helped combat this dryness issue! So as first impressions go I did like it!

 Aloe Jojoba Shampoo  £14.71 | Aloe Jojoba Conditioner £14.71
I switched up my regular shampoo to try this pairing for the duration of the trial. On average I wash my hair every 3 days, however this can be more frequent if I actually decide to go to the gym, which I did do during this time period. Therefore I managed to use the products a few times before giving the basket back. The shampoo I really like actually. It's pretty thick in consistency, Gel like even which I found a bit strange at first but I got used to it. The main thing that I liked with the shampoo was that a little goes a long way. So even though you would be paying a bit more than your average trip to boots for haircare, I feel it is worthwhile in the end as it will last ages! Personally I love my conditioners really thick and creamy so I can get a full coating of product on my hair Unfortunately the Jojoba one from Forever has a thinner consistency than the shampoo - which threw me! This may be something that others prefer but for me I wasn't as much a fan. With both of these products I would say you can smell the Aloe Vera but it didn't bother me too much as it's a hair product and hair products usually smell a bit plant like! ha! I would say after constant use my hair didn't necessarily feel more moisturised but it had definitely gained some extra shine - which is hard to do when you have bleached hair! So with that in mind i was impressed. I'd probably get the shampoo but personally for me the conditioner isn't what I look for in that sort of product. - Handy you can purchase them seperately eh!

 Forever Aloe Scrub £13.44
I have a bit of a love hate relationship with body scrubs. I've used some in the past that have been really abrasive and have left my skin feeling quite sore after use. Thankfully this wasn't the case when trying this one from Forever Living. The exoliating beads in the scrub are extremely small making the exfoliation very gentle. I suffer with Keritosis Pilaris on my arms, which means they can get quite bumpy at times. With the regular use of this scrub when I showered, it definitely improved the condition on my arms without leaving them feeling irritated. I would recommend if you are looking for a gentle body exfoliator that isn't harsh at all! 

Forever Bright Toothgel £5.98
 Given its popularity this is one of the products I was keen to try out the most. I recently saw post online about the different colour bands on toothpastes. If it has a red band on the back, its full of chemicals. Black and it’s all/mostly natural products. Forever Bright has a black band - which right from the go is a plus for me. The product is a gel formula rather than paste, which doesn’t take long to get used to. Although aloe is a main ingredient, it is still minty in flavour making it a nice product to use on your teeth. Despite the bright green colour of the gel! It does say it’s a brightening toothpaste, which I personally feel you need to use for at least a month to truly test the effects. No toothpaste will change the colour of your teeth after a couple of weeks use in my opinon. As I knew I wasn’t going to be able to use it for long, I didn’t take a before photo for comparison. I probably will purchase a tube of this in order to try it for a longer period of time and get a true idea of it’s brightening effects. It only costs a little bit more than what I would pay for toothpaste in the supermarket & on the plus side there aren’t any chemicals in it, which is better than the red band ones obviously. Worth a go in my opinion!

So there you go, my first impressions on a couple of the products available from Forever Living.  I hope this has been helpful to some of you! I know I tend to do a bit of googling when a new brand or product pops up on my radar! Another thing I should add about Forever Living is that they are on PETA’s list of companies who do not test on animals which adds to the appeal. If you would like to know more information about products, or even purchase some to try you can check out Sarahs Forever Living facebook page.

Have you tried anything from Forever Living before?

Much love,