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Monday, 30 November 2015


The book: TechBitch
The Author: Lucy Sykes & Jo Piazza
Where to buy: Amazon 
Rating: 4/5

Imogen Tate, editor-in-chief of Glossy magazine, is a legend in the fashion world. But when she returns from a sabbatical to find her twenty-six-year-old former assistant, Eve Morton, behind her desk, she realises times are changing.Armed with a business degree, naked ambition and an iPhone, Eve announces she has been brought in to turn Imogen's beloved magazine into an app. With herself at the helm.
In this terrifying new world, Imogen is almost invisible. In place of her team of dedicated staff is a constantly evolving line of twenty-something bloggers at their desks day and night ('Only losers need sleep!'), amateur snaps instead of elegant photo shoots, and a URL address in place of Imogen's glossy pages. But Imogen isn't ready to give up her hard-earned career without a fight. Where Eve has Twitter followers, Imogen has experience, talent and real relationships, and she's prepared to fight for the fashion world she knows and loves. Even if it means going to war with a ruthless Techbitch

Sometimes it's nice to pick up an easy, non challenging read. This is exactly what Techbitch is. If you are a fan of really girly chick lit then this is the book for you. Imogen returns to work and everything has changed. The magazine she's helped grow as Editor in Chief has done a complete 180 and instead of being a print based publication its going online.. which of course would be fine apart from the fact Imogen doesnt know much about the online world and is completely out of her depth. A lot of things have changed, if you look at it realistically possibly too much in such a short space of time. But I can look over that little issue! It was nice to read something that I could in a way, as a blogger relate to. Social media and the online world plays a big part of my life and this book shows how much of an impact various channels can effect it. Now I don't believe that at 42 years old Imogen wouldnt know how to use some of the digital applications put infront of her. I mean 42 isn't that old! 

I grew to hate Eves character, She is a complete bitch, annoying and rude. There werent really any other standout characters within the book with it predominately being based around the relationship of her and Imogen. I could say it would be expected given the title of the book so it wasn't that much of a shock to me. There were funny bits, bitchy bits, awkward moments but then also some really nice ones. Like I said it wasnt a challenging read at all. I actually finished it in a day. Personally it was one I couldnt put down and just powered through. There a couple of unbelievable moments within the story hence the 4/5 rating but overall I did enjoy it. 

I know chick lit genre isn't for everyone. However if you fancy something quick and easy to read it's definitely worth giving a go! 
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  1. wow this sounds intense! I always prefer to read peoples book review, over a blurb! Thanks, great post x

  2. Thanks for sharing, seems like I should put this on my to read list! x


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