FAVOURITES : Things I've been enjoying in October.

Monday, 16 November 2015


It’s been a while since I’ve done a favourites post on here, so why not get the ball rolling with Octobers better late than never eh? Personally I had a very busy month meaning it flew by and I can’t quite believe we are in November now! The countdown to Christmas has begun! Sorrynotsorry.

We all know I love a good handbag so when I spotted this bag inspired by the infamous Chloe Faye I had to buy it. It cost me just under £15 which included postage from HK. I know some people can get a bit dubious when it comes to purchasing from countries like this due to the usual long weight to receive items. However this was not the case here, the bag arrived within a week of ordering which I was extremely impressed with, I honestly thought it would take longer! I wont ever be able to afford the real deal but, I change my mind so quickly with handbags its probably best I don’t part with too much cash! The seller also has it in the tan shade if that’s what you prefer, I am gutted I couldn’t get the black. Black goes with everything!

Not that the following item could fit in my Chloe Faye inspired bag I have still been loving it all the same when using something bigger. This Michael Kors Jetsetter wallet* from Tessuti has been a welcome addition to my small MK family. I treated myself to the Large Selma tote 2 summers ago on my honeymoon, so it was only right to eventually get a wallet to match. I know the pink isn’t exactly a ‘winter’ colour, but I love how it contrasts against the black Selma, making it really stand out. There’s enough room for all my cards, coins and lets be honest… ALL THE RECEIPTS.


Fashion wise it’s been all about these ankle boots that came from Marks & Spencer of all places! I never tend to go in there really if I am honest so this was a stroke of luck really! One rainy Saturday afternoon I ran in for shelter (note to self get a small umbrella!) from the horrendous rain. While browsing I found these gems. The only ones left on the shelf and in my size. It was fate. At a bargainous £39.50 I headed swiftly to the till and bought them! I am not lying when I say these haven’t really left my feet since. They look great with skinny jeans, even dresses and skirts. The perfect al rounder boot which are comfortable and look stylish! I also feel that because they are M&S the quality will be a bit better making them last longer.

Other things I have enjoyed doing during the month of October is Reading (Check out Octobers book club post here) Filling the flat with beautiful candles like the ones mentioned in this post and also making plans for the festive period.

What have you been enjoying this past month?

Much love,