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Thursday, 5 November 2015

It appears that now is the time for many people on my facebook friends list to start making some extra money by signing up and selling beauty products from particular brands. Why not, it is Christmas soon after all, I am all for if you can make it work for you and you are honest about what you are trying to sell to friends and family. I've mainly been seeing posts relating to Younique pop up on my feed as well as Forever Living. Having never tried any of these brands before I was willing to trial a few products for my friend Sarah who has recently become a representative for Forever Living. 

Sarah provided me with a basket of products to try, which I could pick and choose what I wanted to sample. I felt was a really good idea as it means I had the option to test something out before going ahead and parting with my cash. Its just a fact of life that we aren't all going to get along with certain products no matter where they come from, so it's really nice to have that option to have a little try before hand! I'm not sure if this is something all reps do though so you would have to check with your nearest one if it's something they offer. 

I had the products for about 2 weeks, so I thought it would be nice for you all to read what my first impressions of the products were as I'm sure like all other products, people like to do a little internet research on others thoughts of products before committing to buy! 

Forever-living-forever-aloe-moisturizing-lotion-review-blogAloe Moisturizing Lotion : £12.73
This moisturizer is multipurpose one. You can use it all over body or on your face if you would prefer. I chose to trial it as a nightly facial moisturizer because that was how I could incorporate it into my routine (I also didn't want to take the mick and use up the entire tube from Sarahs Sample basket!) If you didn't know already Aloe Vera is one of the main ingredients in all of Forever Livings products. With this in mind I thought that the products would...well smell like plants. However I was wrong. This moisturizer has a really nice subtle scent which is not overpowering in the slightest, combine this with its ability to absorb into my skin relatively quickly made it a winner in my books. Each morning when I woke I felt like my face had a really boost of hydration, with the colder months now upon us my face has felt a little dry. The heating going on, being out in the elements on my commute, this product has helped combat this dryness issue! So as first impressions go I did like it!

 Aloe Jojoba Shampoo  £14.71 | Aloe Jojoba Conditioner £14.71
I switched up my regular shampoo to try this pairing for the duration of the trial. On average I wash my hair every 3 days, however this can be more frequent if I actually decide to go to the gym, which I did do during this time period. Therefore I managed to use the products a few times before giving the basket back. The shampoo I really like actually. It's pretty thick in consistency, Gel like even which I found a bit strange at first but I got used to it. The main thing that I liked with the shampoo was that a little goes a long way. So even though you would be paying a bit more than your average trip to boots for haircare, I feel it is worthwhile in the end as it will last ages! Personally I love my conditioners really thick and creamy so I can get a full coating of product on my hair Unfortunately the Jojoba one from Forever has a thinner consistency than the shampoo - which threw me! This may be something that others prefer but for me I wasn't as much a fan. With both of these products I would say you can smell the Aloe Vera but it didn't bother me too much as it's a hair product and hair products usually smell a bit plant like! ha! I would say after constant use my hair didn't necessarily feel more moisturised but it had definitely gained some extra shine - which is hard to do when you have bleached hair! So with that in mind i was impressed. I'd probably get the shampoo but personally for me the conditioner isn't what I look for in that sort of product. - Handy you can purchase them seperately eh!

 Forever Aloe Scrub £13.44
I have a bit of a love hate relationship with body scrubs. I've used some in the past that have been really abrasive and have left my skin feeling quite sore after use. Thankfully this wasn't the case when trying this one from Forever Living. The exoliating beads in the scrub are extremely small making the exfoliation very gentle. I suffer with Keritosis Pilaris on my arms, which means they can get quite bumpy at times. With the regular use of this scrub when I showered, it definitely improved the condition on my arms without leaving them feeling irritated. I would recommend if you are looking for a gentle body exfoliator that isn't harsh at all! 

Forever Bright Toothgel £5.98
 Given its popularity this is one of the products I was keen to try out the most. I recently saw post online about the different colour bands on toothpastes. If it has a red band on the back, its full of chemicals. Black and it’s all/mostly natural products. Forever Bright has a black band - which right from the go is a plus for me. The product is a gel formula rather than paste, which doesn’t take long to get used to. Although aloe is a main ingredient, it is still minty in flavour making it a nice product to use on your teeth. Despite the bright green colour of the gel! It does say it’s a brightening toothpaste, which I personally feel you need to use for at least a month to truly test the effects. No toothpaste will change the colour of your teeth after a couple of weeks use in my opinon. As I knew I wasn’t going to be able to use it for long, I didn’t take a before photo for comparison. I probably will purchase a tube of this in order to try it for a longer period of time and get a true idea of it’s brightening effects. It only costs a little bit more than what I would pay for toothpaste in the supermarket & on the plus side there aren’t any chemicals in it, which is better than the red band ones obviously. Worth a go in my opinion!

So there you go, my first impressions on a couple of the products available from Forever Living.  I hope this has been helpful to some of you! I know I tend to do a bit of googling when a new brand or product pops up on my radar! Another thing I should add about Forever Living is that they are on PETA’s list of companies who do not test on animals which adds to the appeal. If you would like to know more information about products, or even purchase some to try you can check out Sarahs Forever Living facebook page.

Have you tried anything from Forever Living before?

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  1. Oooh I will have to try some of this stuff never heard of them xxx Leonasupernova xx

  2. These look like really nice products.I will consider them next time I need to buy new stuff. Good review

  3. These look like good products. I've tried the toothpaste before and unfortunately wasn't very impressed. My teeth didn't turn any whiter at all. Would like to give the shampoo and conditioner a try but like you I like a thick conditioner x

  4. I'm always really wary of people selling beauty products as a representative unless it's a brand that I am familiar with...

  5. These look like great products! I must admit I have never tried before though X

    1. Hi India-Robyn,

      If you're interested in the toothgel I'm currently doing 25% off until midnight tomorrow! Here's a link to my brochure. If you're interested in anything please feel free to email me at

  6. That toothgel sounds interesting!

    Sophie x

    1. Hi Sophie,

      If you're interested in the toothgel I'm currently doing 25% off until midnight tomorrow! Here's a link to my brochure. If you're interested in anything please feel free to email me at

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