BEAUTY : The Tigi S Factor range.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Over the past few weeks I've been giving some of the products from Tigi's S Factor range a try to get my hair ready for the party season! Tigi isnt a brand that is only accessible in hair salons anymore, You can find it stocked on various online beauty stores as well as discovering it in your local Tkmaxx, so if you've been thinking about giving some of the products a try then theres no shortage of places to find them. 

Long time readers of my blog will know that I have tried a couple products from the range in the past. The Roost Boost spray* being one that often cropped up in monthly favourite blog posts! I haven't used it for some time so it was nice to start using it again. By doing so provided me with a bit of a trip down memory lane (Mainly due to its delicious strawberry & cream scent!) It still doesn't dissapoint. Providing me with a nice little bit of added volume along with leaving my hair smelling so nice! Even Tom comments on it! When I've wanted a bit of extra hold I've been giving my barnet a spritz of the Vivacious Volume hairspray* to keep everything in place and provide texture to my do. I use this when I have the time to experiment with different forms of plaits or some form of messy bun thing on the top of my head! 

I was pleased to see I had also been sent the Volumising Shampoo & conditioner*duo to try. When you use the same products from start to finish you expect good results. They are meant to all work together afterall, aren't they? After a few weeks of adding these into my hair washing routine I can report back that 1. My hair definitely had a bit of a boost in the volume stakes when using both the S&C plus to root boost spray and 2. My hair smelt A-M-A-Z-I-N-G - and for that reason alone you should go out and buy the range! ha! 

Depsite the fact Tigi started as a Salon only brand, it's actually very affordable. Yes you do pay a little more than your average trip to boots but I think some of the products are worth it. You can quite often find discount codes online if you want to save a little too which is always something I look out for. (I'm one of those people that probably wont order anything if I don't have some kind of discount code!) In all seriousness though, I have been impressed & would look into purchasing some of the S&C for myself when I finish the bottles I have. We know I have and will purchase the root boost spray too! In regards to the hairspray. I do use it sparingly to be honest so I probably wouldn't need to buy anymore for a while. I did like it but whether I like it enough to purchase it myself I am not sure! In most cases, hairspray is hairspray. The added extra with this one from S Factor is that it smells nice! 

Have you tried anything from Tigi S Factor? I've heard good things about their Serious conditioner.

Much love,