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Monday, 28 December 2015

The Book: The book of you The Author : Claire KendalBuy: Amazon
Rating 4/5
Clarissa is becoming more and more frightened of her colleague, Rafe. He won’t leave her alone, and he refuses to take no for an answer. He is always there.Being selected for jury service is a relief. The courtroom is a safe haven, a place where Rafe can’t be. But as a violent tale of kidnap and abuse unfolds, Clarissa begins to see parallels between her own situation and that of the young woman on the witness stand.
Realizing that she bears the burden of proof, Clarissa unravels the twisted, macabre fairytale that Rafe has spun around them – and discovers that the ending he envisions is more terrifying than she could have imagined.

I love a good thriller book and this did not disappoint. We follow Clarissa while she takes on the role of a juror during a 7 week  court trial, hoping this will result in some light relief from her work Colleague Rafe. Rafe hasn’t just taken a liking to her, he has become obsessed. Turning up in places Clarissa wouldn’t expect to see him, knowing things about her that no one else should really know,   He also sends gifts that others would probably be appreciative of but not Clarissa… because they are from him. Throughout the story he makes suggestive/odd comments to her about their ‘relationship’ & being an all around creepy guy! Claire Kendal does really well at creating a dislikable character in the form of Rafe. Throughout the book I was on Clarissas side, also feeling extremely creeped out and in a way trapped by his actions. There were points of the book where I read it thinking ‘Oh god, what is going to happen next’ which of course kept me turning the pages which is always a good thing!

I read the book at a steady pace, about half way through where it started to get really exciting I was definitely hooked, another one where I longed for my lunch break or commute to be able to read. My one gripe with it though would be the ending. Throughout the book I couldn’t wait to see how it would all finish, but I will admit I was a bit disappointed!  It was all a bit much & happened really quickly. It literally is a case of ‘Oh that escalated quickly!’ It’s not so much that I didn’t like the outcome it just came across a bit rushed. As though Claire Kendal suddenly remembered ‘ooh I need to round this all up, tie up the loose ends & create the end of the book’

Despite my dislike for the ending this is a book I would  still recommend picking it up & giving it a  read. I found it gripping and exciting, a definite read for those of you like the thriller type story lines. Claire Kendal has a great skill at making you feel like you are actually there and in Clarissas position!

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  1. Looks like a great read. I really need to read more often!

  2. This sounds like a good book. Thanks for sharing x

  3. This looks like an interesting read! A blogger bookclub btw, I love this idea and would love to join!

  4. I've heard so many good things about this book, amazing! can't wait to finally get my hands on a copy xx


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