LIFE : Long(ish) Haul Flight Essentials.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015


This Christmas will be a little different for us, we are heading over to Dubai! My sister in law lives over there and for Christmas 2015 we are all getting together in warmer climates to celebrate the festive season. Long haul flights aren't something I frequently encounter, however I have gone on few in my lifetime to know there are a few essentials you must have with you when travelling!

Starting with clothing I keep it casual, comfortable and effortless. Leggings and some form of loose fitting top are key when I fly. I cant be dealing with tight jeans or tops! Chances are I will be falling asleep so I wont want to wear anything that is too constricting! Footwear wise, again I want to be comfortable I'll wear something like my Nikes or Converse*. My trips away often involve a bit of walking so these double up as suitable footwear for such activities. Depending on where I am flying to I will take some form of scarf. This time I will take a pashmina as it serves its purpose of avoiding the cold air conditioning on the plane as well as being an essential when visiting a country where I want to be respectful of their beliefs. I may need to cover up if I am visiting any religious buildings.

It's a given that there will be in flight entertainment on the plane I've definitely already scoped out what the airline is offering in December and semi planned what films I would like to watch!  The flight to Dubai is about 6 or 7 hours long I think so like any other long haul flight I will need a multitude of items to keep me occupied! When I don't want to watch a film or sleep I will probably listen to some music or read a book either one I have bought or something on my kindle. As you know I have really got back into my reading and have a nice little TBR pile stacking up, leaving me with the big decision of which to take with me. The whole trip itself is going to be rather relaxed so I can probably get away with taking a couple with me.

I'm never really one to take much interest in beauty while on a flight, but I know with Long haul my skin is going to feel horrible after sitting in that cabin for hours on end. For that reason I will take a couple of products on board with me to ensure I don't feel too gross by the time we land. The unexciting products like deodorant, lip balm and a travel toothbrush/paste will be present in my hand luggage along with a couple other bits and bobs to help my skin. Our flight is overnight, so I will bare all in the airport and go makeup free (with the exception of my brows!), allowing my skin to breathe.  Face wipes will be used to freshen up, Spritz a bit of toner to keep my skin hydrated and then finish with a fairly thick moisturising cream to keep my skin feeling nourished.

That's pretty much all I need. I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to flying, I cant be dealing with a huge bag of stuff to lug on and off the plane! I hope to watch a film, maybe read a bit and then get some sleep! We do arrive in Dubai at 4am afterall!

What are your flight essentials?

Much love,


  1. Some great ideas here, I'm doing my first ever long haul flight to Mexico next year so this has definitely given me some pointers, especially in terms of beauty x

  2. I hope you have an amazing Christmas in Dubai, I bet it will be amazing. I'm so bad at packing lightly, even my hand luggage as I usually take at least 2 camera with me which I want to keep on me. xx

    Ioanna |

  3. We have very similar flight essentials, I can't live without my headphones or a scarf on a plane. Have an amazing time in Dubai!

  4. Oh wow Dubai - how exciting! Hope you have fun and I am sure with these items you will have a great flight

    Laura x

  5. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas in Dubai! xx

  6. Have an amazing time in Dubai!!! Can't wait to see all the pic


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