BEAUTY: The forgotten products.

Friday, 29 January 2016


I'm sure many of you can relate when I say that my collection of makeup includes more products than what the average person has. It's very easy to focus on the newer items in your stash leaving some of your old favourites neglected at the back of the drawer. Am I right? 

Last weekend I decided to get out all my makeup, have a bit of a rearrange, clean/sanitize everything and in the process rediscover some items that I actually forgot that I owned! This is something I highly recommend doing on a regular basis, not only does it keep everything nice,
clean & in order - It's also beneficial bacteria wise, that sounds horrible but you know what I mean! It really makes a difference when you give your palettes a bit of a wipe down though. They look practically new!

To start, we have the Shimmer cube palette from The Body Shop. It's called a palette but to me its just individual shadows stored in a cube really! I digress, it's a beautiful selection of shadows, perfect for an everyday natural eye look. The colours are extrememly pigmented, You can see in the past I used the lightest shade A LOT, however it's now bag in my 'every day' makeup bag and I am making an effort to use some of the other shadows as it would be a shame to them to be neglected! They blend really nicely, so you can create some really lovely looks combining the different shades. The Body shop do offer other shades like blues, purples etc. Definitely a product I recommend checking out.

I haven't used a cream blusher in a while so when I rediscovered this Bobbi Brown pot rougue in Melon I automatically put it into my everyday makeup bag. As you can see it was already well loved so the chances are if I use this enough I will finish it in no time! The pot rouge's are multi tasking creams that can be used both on the cheeks and your lips, however I predominantly use mine on my cheeks! Fresh melon gives me a lovely natural, dewy pop of colour which is great for everyday use.

Finally, despite givng all my attention to my new highlighter mentioned in this post, I dug out this old favourite of mine. Topshop glow highlighter in Gleam. As you can see it was a firm favourite before! pretty inexpensive at £9 for the pot as a little goes a long way, lasting you a long time! The shade gleam provides a lovely golden highlight, I highly recommend this shade over 'Polish'. Swatched polish looks lovely, however when you apply it over other makeup it removes it! Gleam all the way!

Have you rediscovered any products recently?

Much love