BEAUTY : My simple skincare routine.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


It's been some time since I shared what products I am using for my skincare routine. I do keep things simple and to be honest quite often forget skincare all together and sleep in my makeup. OH NO HOW DARE I?! Lets be honest, sometimes you are already in bed after a Netflix binge, its nearly midnight and you just do not want to move. It happens. It's allowed, Okay! please don't judge.

Lets forget about those days where I do infact ignore my skincare, let's bring things back to order and give you a breakdown of the products I am using (When I remember!) I often swap and change my cleansing method. Previously I opted for the Soap & Glory hot cloth cleanser, however when doing my usual browse of boots I came across the Sanctuary Ultimate Oil Cleanser. It was on offer and worked out cheaper than the S&G one, so I figured I would give it a try. I'm all for oil cleansers, it really does remove all my makeup. To use I will pump the product into my palm  (2 pumps is fine), then massage it into my dry skin. I add a few drops of water and begin to massage again. This then turns a milky colour and continues to  break  down the makeup on my face including stubborn mascara! To remove it I just use a standard flannel soaked in warm water. Nothing fancy! I actually find I prefer flannels to muslin cloths, it's great that you can pick them up in Primark or supermarkets for a couple of quid! I never really have an issue with cleansers, as long as they do the job. I'd love to try a balm one next, maybe the camomile body shop one or if I fancy treating my self Clinique take the day off balm cleanser!

In the mornings when I shower I tend to use a gentle scrub of some kind. In order for my makeup to apply nicely I like to try to make sure I exfoliate my face, getting rid of the dead skin etc.  Oh wouldn't it be nice to be able to treat myself to a microdermabrasion treatment for a bit of a pamper now and again rather than doing this on the daily, I digress I cannot tell you how often I have repurchased this Clean & Clear Exfoliating daily scrub, it's very affordable and effective. It's probably one of the most gentle exfoliating scrubs I have used. I've tried the St Ives ones in the past and they were just a bit too harsh on my skin.

I am at the grand old age of 27 so I like to use Eyecream now. I don't have any lines or anything but lets all remember prevention is better than cure - or whatever the saying is! I've been a fan of the Body Shop Vitamin E range for absolutely ages, so trying out their eyecream was going to happen eventually! This one is really hydrating and leaves my undereye area feeling very nourished. At £12 it isn't too damaging to your bank account compared to other brands & so far seems to be doing the trick! Thumbs up from me! Keeping with the Vitamin E range I have been using the Aqua Boost Sorbet. This is the most refreshing product I have ever put on my face.It's extremely cooling so would be great to us in the summer months, but for now I prefer to use this in the evenings and lather it on. My skin always feels really plump and hydrated in the morning like it's had a good ol' drink!

So there you have it, the skincare items I am using when I remember. No fuss, pretty simple. I might occasionally add in other products depending on how my skin is behaving but at the moment a basic routine is working for me.

What products are you using at the moment?
Much love