BLOG: 50 Blog post Ideas to kick off 2016.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

blog post ideas

New year, New me, all that jazz. Some of you may have decided that 2016 is THE YEAR for you when it comes to blogging. After the excitement of the Christmas season and probably a rather manic New year you may find yourself needed a little bit of a kick to get those creative juices flowing and start creating content. 
Never fear, I've put together a selection of blog post ideas for you to help get you on your way, sit back, grab your new notebook and use some of the following ideas as inspiration.... 

1. 2016 Resolutions.
2. A day in the life.
3. Places you would like to visit. 
4. A round up of your favourite bloggers
5. Gift Guides for that season. 
6. Share your favourite recipe 
7. Review something you recently purchased. 
8. Share an outfit post. 
9. Talk about the current book you are reading. 
10. The story of why you started your blog. 
11. Write a colour themed blog post. 
12. Try something different and out of your comfort zone
13. Share a playlist of some kind. 
14. Current go to hair products you are using.
15. Put together a list of books you'd recommend reading.
16. Share your life experiences. 
17. Do a Q&A post. 
18. Talk about the programs you use to edit your blog photos. 
19. Share a DIY Project. 
20. Talk about Seasonal trends in Beauty/Fashion
21. Share your collections (Perfume/makeup/shoes/bags)
22. Do a home/apartment/room tour. 
23. A monthly instagram round up. 
24. If you could take 5 items to a desert Island, what would they be.
25. Share your home decor inspiration 
26. Put together your ultimate beauty wishlist. 
27.Your Wardrobe essentials.
28. Where do you blog? Share your blogging set up. 
29. Take part in a 30 day challenge 
30. A round up of your favourite Instagrammers.
31. Interview another blogger who are part of your niche. 
32. Share your blogging process, from ideas, taking the images, to writing the post. 
33. Recreate a celebrity's makeup/outfit
34. Visit somewhere new and post a photo diary of your time there. 
35. Advice you would give your younger self. 
36. What do you keep on your bedside table?
37. Discuss blog tips that have helped/worked for you. 
38. Makeup tutorials
39. A week in outfits post round up. 
40. Share your current daily makeup routine.
41. Talk about what's been inspiring you lately. 
42. Share your favourite youtubers to watch. 
43. What's your favourite/most worn item in your wardrobe. 
44. Create a top 5 or Top 10 list on a subject of your choice. 
45. Share the contents of your handbag. 
46. Make a list of goal you'd like to achieve for the season. 
47. 10 things no one knows about you - Let your readers get to know you a bit better. 
48. A round up of your favourite Pinterest users to follow. 
49. Share your blogging essentials.
50.  Recommend other bloggers you feel your readers would also like.

I hope this has been helpful! If you enjoyed this post, please share via social media or 'pin' it on Pinterest!

Much love,