BEAUTY: Babyfoot foot mask review. My thoughts.

Monday, 8 February 2016


 **DISCLAIMER - You will see photos of peeling feet in this post **

So I finally took the plunge and ordered myself the Babyfoot foot mask to try out. After watching reviews on youtube and reading various posts about this infamous mask for literally years, it was finally time for me to try it out myself. I purchased my mask from Amazon and it arrived in 2 days (I chose the free delivery option) I knew from the research I had done, that this was a treatment that was going to have to be done in the colder months as it's best to keep your feet covered during the process!

Babyfoot is a foot care product that targets the dead skin cells on your feet that have built up over time. The formula itself contains 17 different natural extracts to gently exfoliate your feet leaving them nice and smooth once the process is complete! Babyfoot is great for those that suffer with hard skin on their feet, but also those that suffer with other foot related problems like Odor, athletes foot and blood circulation.

To start you need to ensure that your feet are completely clean, so its best to do this after a bath or shower. In the box you receive a pair of plastic booties, which you need to cut the top off and slip onto your feet. They are fairly generous in size, so suitable for all feet sizes! The babyfoot solution is already in the boot, so this is not a messy treatment to apply. Use the stickers provided to secure it in place when you wrap the plastic boot to fit around the top of your ankle. To ensure that they stay in place and to enable you to go about as normal while you wait for the mask to do its work, you can wear a pair socks over the top. Wait 1 hour - Watch some TV. Do some housework, Read a book. Then remove the plastic boots and rinse the solution from your feet with warm water. Trial dry and wait!

DAY 1: No visible peeling. The skin on my feet felt quite dry & tight. Mainly in the arch of my foot. I didn't expect there to be any visible developments after one day.
DAY 2: Peeling started on the heels. It was as though I had gained two large blisters on them!
DAY 3: More peeling now on the ball of my feet, no progress on the heels from the previous day.
DAY 4: Even more peeling on the ball of my foot, it has now started around my toes & on the top of my foot, not just the underneath. The skin on the arch of my foot feels very tight.
DAY 5: A LOT more peeling. So much so halfway through the day I had to do some emergency peeling off while at work as it was a bit annoying! This meant I was able to peel off quite a considerable amount.
DAY 6: The novelty is wearing off a little. The peeling on the top of my foot is in small little flaky bits, which all I can do is use a flannel to exfoliate off. The underside of my foot just has smaller bits to flake off around my toes. Still waiting for the last little bit of dead skin to come away from my heels. I think this may be because they are the main problem area.
DAY 7: Still just the little bits that are left to come away. I exfoliated my feet to try and get rid of some of the excess skin which worked. I think this is something I will just have to continue for the remaining areas still left to come away.

Top left: Day 2 | Top Right: Day 4 |  Bottom: Day 6

I figured I would answer some of the FAQ I got from various people when I informed them I was using the babyfoot treatment.


No, there was no stinging at all. The mask just feels cold on your feet and slimey!

No, You cant feel the skin peeling off. On day 2 where the peeling first started, my words to my colleagues at work were 'Oh I feel like I have a blister coming on my foot'. You know that soreness when a new blister has pressure on it. That was the only time I felt a bit of soreness on my feet. I was surprised on the daily when I took off my socks/tights and saw the shear amount of skin that had come away from my feet because you don't feel it coming away. It doesn't hurt. Think of when you get sunburnt and your skin peels.The same can be said for the results of babyfoot.


The new skin isn't sore, it looks pink but there's no tenderness or painfulness at all. I'm amazed at how smooth it is. Some people said to me who were brave enough to look during the process "Oh it looks sore" but it isn't at all I think its just because the skin underneath the peel is quite pink.

No, not itchy at all. You don't realise its happening, you just get the nice surprise when you remove your socks or tights at the end of the day.


My husband banished me to the spare room.. I'm joking he didn't, but we did joke about it when the peeling was in full swing. Like I noted previously I do recommend doing this footmask when you are going to be wearing closed shoes so the peeling is hidden! I didn't go to the gym during the week of the major peeling because I didn't want to change into trainers in a communal area with peeling feet! You wouldn't want to go swimming while you are using the babyfoot treatment that's for sure! By about day 5 the novelty had worn off though and the flaking/peeling did start to annoy me a little bit. But I knew it would take a week or so for the results so I just had to deal with it!

Overall I am pleased that I decided to give this treatment a go. I'm happy with the results, as the peeling shows that there was infact dead skin there that needed to be removed! The skin that has been revealed after the peel is a lot pinker and healthier looking. I'm not as embarrassed of my feet anymore! I'm happy to show them off now rather than hide them. I didn't expect the peeling to start as quickly as it did, however I would imagine that this differs from person to person. It was definitely quite a disgusting experience, if you don't wear socks you will be leaving a trail of skin behind you! On the flipside, when you do wear socks, be prepared to take them off and find skin that has flaked off in them!

So, are you totally grossed out? Would you try a babyfoot mask? I hope this review has been helpful, I know a few people were curious about how it works! If you'd like to try it for your self, you can buy babyfoot here.

Much love,