BEAUTY: ghd Arctic Gold V Styler Gift Set Review

Monday, 15 February 2016


Can you believe that I have never used/owned ghd hair straighteners before? That’s right the holy grail styling tool of many has only just made it’s way into my hands, I think we can confirm that I was definitely behind the times! That’s all changed though since I was kindly sent the V styler Artic gold gift set to try out. I won't lie to you. I was pretty excited to review them.The ghd brand (also known as 'good hair day') was founded in 2001, despite not actively advertising their products until two years later, the brand quickly made a name for itself simply through word of mouth, becoming one of the most popular brands of styling tools in the beauty industry. They were even the first hair tool sponsor for the Victorias Secret Fashion Show! No wonder there are multiple youtube videos out there showing us how to get those Victorias Secret waves using their tools! With ghd being the godfather of all styling tools (going by popular opinion) I was keen to get styling with the new V styler I was sent.

I have the classic V Styler, which is probably one of the more popular sized straighteners ghd have to offer. There are mini versions and those with larger sized plates. You'd just pick the style that would suit your hair type most. It ticks the box for many features you would like in a hair styler. Advanced ceramic heat technology and contoured plates, perfect for keeping the temperature just right as you glide the V Styler through your hair with ease. The rounded barrel makes it a perfect tool to not only straighten your hair, but flick it, wave it, & curl it - Once you master the skill of course!  Unfortunately I'm always one for leaving my electronic styling products turned on when I'm finished with them which obviously is a bit of a safety hazard. However I don't have to worry when I use these as it has an automatic shut off after 30 minutes which combined with the protective plate guard, the ghd V Styler gets a big thumbs up from Tom as I wont be burning the flat down any time soon!

This particular set comes with a combined protective heat mat and roll bag. I'm terrible for protecting my surfaces when I use heated styling tools. I once melted a huge straightener mark on the track pad of an old laptop before! Woops! Therefore the protective heat mat is a lovely addition as I can now have it on my dressing table while I get ready & not ruin the top of it! The mat is actually part of the travel roll bag which is extremely handy. I love a good 2 in 1! The bag is white so not particularly easy to keep clean - I can just see it getting covered in makeup residue as it will setting up base on/by my dressing table! However it has a beautiful design on the front which makes it look a lot more fancier than it actually is. Tom and I like to go on city breaks a lot so this bag is so handy for keeping the ghd's protected when packing them into a suitcase or a carry on. As they are a more premium brand I definitely want to make sure I can avoid any damage at all times!


As I've mentioned previously, you can create a whole range of looks using a ghd styler, and I really wanted to create something fabulous to show you...... Unfortunately I am not so skilled in this area and at the moment I can only master straightening! (Ha! Not so fancy) I've never tried to do anything different with straighteners so I am a complete newbie at this! I know for a fact you can create a range of beautiful looks because I have seen it done on many a youtube video I have watched since receiving the arctic gold gift set! From glamourous waves, ribbon curls, Messy textured waves, Farrah Fawcett flicks! You name it! I've decided to persevere and keep trying to master some of the other skills so hopefully I can report back in the future with a lovely styled look, but for now you're getting plain straightened hair I'm afraid.  I guess at the end of the day they are straigtheners after all and that is the main purpose of them, so with that in mind I highly rate them as a styler to get my hair super sleek and straight!
I was also sent the ghd heat protect spray to use alongside the styler. I used to be really bad and not use any heat protectant! These days though I realise how much damage that does to my hair by not spritzing something over my locks before attacking it with a heated styling tool, so I ensure I do this every time now even when blow drying! This particular spray smells so lovely, I wonder if it's the same scent for all the products from them? Would anyone like to confirm? The spritz I get from it is nice and even - I don't know why but other brands I've used don't have a very good distribution of product when I spray them - Perhaps I picked up duds! Anyway, the ghd heat protect spray doesn't leave any residue in my hair. It basically makes it smell really nice and protects it. I'm happy with that!

So there you go, my thoughts on the ghd V Styler arctic gold gift set, which you can purchase here if you were looking to upgrade your current straightener! (Or guys, if you happen to be reading this, a nice present for your better half maybe?) I cant believe it's taken me so long to try out this brand! What styling tools do you swear by?

Much love,