LIFE: How to get into the habit of reading more regularly.

Monday, 22 February 2016


You may remember me mentioning this before, but reading has become more of a hobby of mine within the past year. I love nothing better than getting stuck into a book, discovering new authors, getting lost in the fictional world they have created. When I tell people this, they always respond the same statements. "I should read more" "I wish I had time to read" "How do you manage to read when you work and blog?". There are a few ways that I fit reading into my routine which I'd like to share. Nothing ground breaking. It all comes down to just managing your time and  being more away of what you do with it.

Whether you are a fan of a classic paperback, or prefer something more modern like a kindle or tablet make sure it is in your possession at all times. You then have no excuse not to grab it and read through a few pages. If you commute to work, I bet you use your phone, whether it be for social media, games, music. Why don't you try to put away the technology and read instead. You'll be amazed how many chapters you can get through on what you thought was a short journey to work. It also means you will have it to hand when your lunch break rolls around. Again this is a great time to take some time out and get stuck in to a good book. I would say personally this is the tip that has helped me the most when it has come to reading. Depending on the length of the book I can finish one in a matter of days.

Joining a library is free, So why wouldn't you do it? Not only will you have an endless supply of books to choose from. By taking a book out on loan gives you a deadline to finish it. Of course you do have the option to renew if you don't manage to finish it in the allotted time. You can borrow more than one book which essentially sets you up for a bigger challenge to read them before having to take them back. I actually dislike spending money on books purely because I'm not a re reader. Once I've read a book I wont go back to it.. (There may be 1 or 2 books that are an exception to this rule though) therefore being a member of my local library is really beneficial for me financially!

I find that using goodreads (Android / itunes) which is a free app to keep track of your reads, discover others with the same interests, find book recommendations & more is a nifty little app to use when you are reading. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing that percentage read increase! Not only do I use the app to keep track of my progress, I use it to find new books that I may be interested in. Once you have logged 15 books read (I believe) Goodreads will start to recommend others which may be of interest. You can also add friends, join book clubs, review books too. When I track my progress with goodreads, I feel a sense of achievement which spurs me on to read more, thus reading more books in the long run! I've set myself a challenge of 30 books to read this year, I'm on 4 so far, but I am hoping to increase that number soon.If you have the app, feel free to become my friend on there!

Like I mentioned previously put down your phone and pick up a book instead. I bet the majority of you go on your phone before you go to bed. Staring at screens constantly cannot be good for you. Yes I know you wouldn't be completely winding down before sleep by reading a book and your mind will be active, but it's probably a better way of going about it than aimlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed before you sleep. I remember when I was younger and really into my books, I often fell asleep with a book on my face! when I choose to read before bed I do find I can get to sleep quicker than if I were to watch youtube, or stare at my twitter feed. Also if you a drop a book on your face it definiately doesn't hurt as much as your phone!

You can easily set yourself big or small targets when reading. Like I said I have a target of reading 30 books in 2016 at the moment, and that is what spurs me on! But you don't have to go for something as large as that. You could aim to read 1 book a month. Or even set yourself targets when you are physically reading the book. For example if you find you have a few moments to spare at home, grab your book and set yourself the target to read through a couple of chapters of your book.. If you prefer to read from a kindle you could aim to read 10% of a book at a time. Giving yourself small targets like this will push you to make time to squeeze in those couple of moments peace with your head stuck in a book!

These are just a few things I have put into action myself to help me make time for more reading. They are tried and tested and work. I am proof of that! Slowly but surely making my way through the many books I have on my list that I'd like to read.  Nothing fancy, all very simple and small adaptations you can make to your daily routine to try and fit in a bit of book time hear or there.

So tell me, do you enjoy reading?
(Feel free to leave your good reads profile link below if you use it!)

Much love,