BOOKS: My to be read pile (TBR 02)

Monday, 7 March 2016


Again, without waiting to finish my previous TBR pile, I've created a new one. However this time around I purchased all the books from a charity shop. Therefore, it was a good deed and I cannot feel guilty about doing it!
I don't tend to re read books and I don't actually have a book shelf in my home. Therefore I often choose to pass on my reads when I've finished to friends, family, colleagues or to the charity shops. For this reason I don't like to spend too much on them. This is also why I only really get books on my kindle for when I have holidays booked. (It's just more convenient luggage wise). I like to read but I don't like to spend money! I digress, I went into a charity shop and saw a few books I'd been thinking about reading for a while. At 95p each I couldn't say no & I swiftly purchased them.

I've watched the movie of this, but I cannot remember it, but I do remember people saying I should read the book as it's amazing. So when I saw it for a mere 95p I bought it. A member of the Vanger family goes missing. The body never found, but the uncle is convinced that it was murder. 40 years later he hires a journalist & hacker to help him look deeper into the case. As they get deeper and deeper into the investigation they discover that there's more than meets the eye with the Vanger clan, & they reveal deep dark secrets held by the family. Of course families are close so when someone looks to sabotage or reveal something they don't want revealing they'll be less than happy. Blomkvist (the journalist) and Salander (the hacker) will have to protect themselves from what is yet to come! It sounds like it will be a very action packed book, full of twists and turns. I love a good crime book so it's right up my street. There are other books in the series, so if I enjoy it, I know there are others I can also get to grips with at a later date!

THE BOOK THIEF by Markus Zusak
Again when a book gets turned into a film then it must be good! Based around the time of Nazi Germany in 1939 this book tells the story of 9 year old Liesel, a book theif. Liesel is living with a foster family has her parents have been sent away to a concentration camp. This book tells her story and those that live nearby when the bombs start to fall around them. I've never really delved into any sort of historical reading like this so I am very keen to get stuck in. The one feature that does intrigue me, is the blurb states that death will visit 3 times and the novel is narrated by death. Sounds a bit morbid, but I'm willing to give it a go!

I added this particular book to my Good Reads to be read list a while ago after seeing it on various best sellers lists. I was pretty pleased to find it in the charity shop in excellent condition so of course I bought it! All the Light we cannot see I believe is set during World War 2, & tells the story of Marie-Laure, a blind girl who meets a German Orphan boy named Werner & they both try to survive the war as their lives collide. It's a hard book to explain really! Like I said I wanted to read it because it was classed as a best seller. Similar to The Book Thief, the style isn't something I have really read before. I want to challenge myself with a little bit more of historical style reading for a bit of a change!

This is the same author who wrote Still Alice which I spoke about previously in this blog post. I didn't plan on reading another book by her, however because I enjoyed Still Alice, I figured why not! Left neglected tells the story of Sarah, a extremely busy, hardworking Mum who multitasks like mad both at home and in the workplace. Unfortuntely Sarah ends up in a car accident which results in  damage to her brain and Sarah discovers she has Left Neglect. To her, left does not exsist. She cannot use her left side of her body, she doesn't realise she has a left hand/leg, when she looks around the room, to her the right hand side is the entire room, there isn't anything else in there. As you can imagine, for a workaholic like Sarah this is not good, she needs to return to work stat! The company needs her! How will she adapt to these new changes, will 'the left' ever come back to her? Could you imagine your confusion if you were convinced what you saw was all there was to see, but really there was more than meets the eye?

I wanted to get a classic, easy reading chick lit book to break up the more serious books I'd purchased so that was where this one came in. I believe that this is your typical chick lit style story line, where a group of friends, all with different things going on with their lives find themselves tested to their limits, so they decide it's time to make a change and re think the way they go about things. Gemma, Cailtin & Saffron vow to make this one of the best years of their lives, despite having to do things a little differently. I have to admit I was quite drawn into the cover of the book too (I am someone who judges books by their covers!) I don't think I've read anything by Lucy Diamond before so I'm open to trying a new chick lit author!

I'm going to be good and not purchase anymore books until I've made my way through these and the ones I have left from my previous TBR post! I'm not going to be putting a time limit to finish them by because that will just stress me out. They will all be contributing to my 30 book reading challenge for 2016 though!

What have you been reading recently?

Kind regards.