BLOGGING: 30 Blog Post Ideas for every Blogger.

Friday, 18 March 2016

30 blog post ideas for every type of blogger

Regardless whether you are a beauty blogger, food blogger, parent blogger, lifestyle blogger. There are times when you can get a bit stuck for blog post ideas. I've compiled this list of post ideas that would work for a blogger within any niche. You can adapt them to suit your blog but the main idea is there for you to work from. There's enough here to get you through an entire month if you post daily (ok there aren't 31 ideas I'm letting you have a day off depending on the month). If you'd prefer you could spread them out a bit, do what works for you.

1. Blogging tips & tricks you've picked up.
2. Social media promo - (make sure your blog readers know where they can follow you)
3. If you do youtube share your videos, add a bit of a blurb to go alongside it.
4. Recommend others posts worth reading.
5. How to be productive with your blog
6. An insight to your blogging timetable
7. How do you come up with blog ideas
8. What equipment do you use to blog
9. Share the love. Link to some bloggers you enjoy reading.
10. An Instagram round up (be it your own profile or sharing others that inspire you)
11. Where do you promote your posts?
12. Blog photo props & where to buy them
13. The thought process of a blogger - where do your ideas come from.
14. What do your friends/family think the term 'blogger/youtuber' means.
15. How do you plan your posts? Write first, photos later? Or vice versa
16. Give advice on how to start a blog
17. Share any tips you have for successfully using social media to help your blog
18. Photography & editing advice
19. Websites that can help up your blogging game.
20. How to understand Google analytics
21. Which programs do you use to schedule content?
22. What inspires you as a blogger?
23. Simple SEO tricks to help better your blog.
24. Where do you see your blog in 5 years?
25. Do you make an income from your blog, would you be willing to share how you've done it?
26. How blogging fits in with your day to day schedule.
27. Tips for new bloggers - what should/shouldn't  they focus on.
28. Blogging resources (where to get fonts, stock photos, layouts)
29. What do you enjoy most about blogging.
30. You know you're a _____ blogger when..

Hopefully these have inspired you!

Much love,


  1. A great list of blogging prompts, might have to utilise some myself.

  2. Thanks for this Dolan, it's an idea I'm going to adopt of having some "go to" post ideas!
    Charli x

  3. These blogging prompts are so handy from time to time I get writers block so lists like this come in handy.

  4. Great tips! Whenever I am stuck for ideas, I just share other people's content. With their permission of course.

  5. Some great ideas here, I tend to jot down ideas in a book for things to write if I ever get stuck for an idea

  6. Fab ideas - will be coming back to it when I get one of my regular cases of writers block!

  7. Great list and have bookmarked for future help when writers block strikes!

  8. I love this list.
    Alicia :)

  9. A very helpful and concise list that is very useful. Some brilliant ideas.

  10. oh what a great post going to bookmark it now

  11. Great list - I am usually catching up on all manner of posts, but you have some fab inspiration here :) Kaz x

  12. What a great list of tips - I definitely need to keep them at hand for those moments I am at a loss. x

  13. There are some great ideas here! So useful, thank you for the inspiration :) x

  14. Loads of great ideas here! I do sometimes get stuck and need to refer to a list like this. I will return when I need some inspiration. Thank you!

  15. This is a great list and great that all kinds of bloggers can use them

  16. I'm so incredibly grateful for this post. I'm kind of 'rebooting' my blog after being inactive for so long and this will help me out so much to get back into the swing of things!

  17. These are really clever. I was going to work on pre-writing some posts this weekend so this is helpful.

  18. This is a great list of blogging prompts that will cover all niches. Might have to use a few when I stuck for ideas

  19. Great list of prompts here, have pinned so I can come back to it

  20. Some great tips there, will definitely have to look into these x

  21. Love this post, have bookmarked for when I am having a block x

  22. great list. I have a book filled with ideas, but always seem to have too many review items to get up, so never get round to half my ideas. Think it's time to change my plan

  23. I am hoping someone has written some of these posts already because I could do with some tips x

  24. Yes! Especially the Instagram roundup posts and digital media tips ( Which I do).

  25. Thanks for the ideas, I am just enjoying writing about every day things at the moment but I am sure I will start to struggle with ideas sooner or later

  26. Great list of ideas, I've been feeling a bit of writers block recently so I've saved this for next time!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel and Lifestyle Blog
    p.s - Thanks for pinning on the ".Bloggers Unite." Pinterest board!

  27. So great to find a post with lots and lots of great ideas in it, thank you :D xxx

  28. Yes, a very interesting compilation, love all the suggestions and would love to read posts like these!xx


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