BLOGGING : Spring Cleaning you can do as a Blogger.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Spring Cleaning tips for bloggers.

It's official, Spring has sprung! It may be nearly 4 months since you set your new year resolutions but now is the time to finally get organised and do a bit of house keeping when it comes to your blog. Nothing too strenuous, all things you can do as and when you have a few moments spare. Or if you prefer dedicate a whole morning/afternoon to it. You decide!


I have touched on this before in this particular post, but as a bit of a reminder lets recap again...

Basically clean up those broken links using this website. Like I said before, this process will catch any dead links you have on your blog. It could be where you've linked to an item that is no longer for sale, a company that no longer exsists. Or more commonly in my case I had a lot of comments left on posts, which included blog lilnks which no longer were active. Clear those bad boys up and improve the SEO of your blog. When Moz do their next update, it may help your score.

Update your blog pages, You know those ones at the top where you have your about me, contact, disclaimer etc. Chances are you wrote them when you started but haven't done anything with them since. If you check your stats, the chances are that these pages do still get visited, they may get a lot less views than your blog posts, but they do get looked at, therefore its important that everything is up to date.

Add Alt text to your photos. If you are a blogger who does this already, I salute you. If not, well I'm sorry but this may be a bit tedious! If you don't know about  adding alt text on photo's take a look at this page The basics of using alt text for SEO - they explain It much better than I ever would. It wont be an instant fix but it will definitely help in the long run.


It's quite easy to forget to sort out your social media channels when we are so busy posting to them. Take this time to have a bit of a sort out. The first thing I did on both my Twitter and Instagram accounts was to have a little bit of a following cull. I followed A LOT of accounts on twitter due to entering competitions. I unfollowed a lot of those that I was no longer interested in, which dramamtically reduced the numbers. I did the same with Instagram, with the new algorithm coming into play soon, I wanted to ensure that I followed accounts on Instagram that I was genuinely interested in, those who's photos I 'liked' on a regular basis. A ruthless tactic but it felt good to get those numbers down.

Update your profile pictures and information. I know I had the wrong age on my twitter feed along with a profile picture of myself with bright blonde hair - Hey I'm brunette now! On Twitter you can update your header photo. I decided to update mine to the same as my blog so everything is consistant. At the end of the day you are a brand so it's good that you ensure that everything matches. If your'e a fan of using the pinned tweet option on twitter, switch it up and choose a different pin to have at the top of your profile. Perhaps a blog post that would be helpful to others, a positive message to others, mix it up.


It's time to get out your external hardrive (or buy one) and have a clear out of all the blog photos you have stored on your laptop. Not only are they taking up valuable space on your internal hardrive, they may be causing your laptop to run slowly! You can get decent sized EH on Amazon for a fairly reasonable price. You should backup everything on a regular basis anyway, so this is something worthwhile to get into the habit of doing. 

If you choose to keep select photos and documents on your internal hardrive, make sure you have them named and filed in a orderly manner. Create a folder specifically for your blog and then smaller sub folders to keep everything organised. It will help you in the long run when you searching for particular photos to upload to facebook or instagram! Make sure you name your images properly, rather than HGOSLHF.jpg. Google will scan your blog and discover your photos by their names. So calling it something like 'Lush Easter products.jpg' will work much better. 

Clear the desktop and empty the recycle bin. I'm sure I am not alone when it comes to just randomly dumping the odd document or saved image to the desktop rather than its 'proper' home on the laptop. Tidy it up a bit, organise your desktop to suit you. I always forget to empty my Recycling bin, again another thing that could cause your laptop to run slowly. So empty it! You dont need to documents in it so get rid! Finally delete any temporary internet files. This will cause your laptop to run slowly which can hinder your blogging process. To do so you need to go to your computer (In my case its the :C Drive) Open the file called Windows, then look for the Temp folder. You can then delete your temporary files. I tend to delete them so theres only a weeks worth of temp files in there. 

So there you have it, a few Spring Cleaning style tasks you can do that will help you as a blogger.
Have you done any of this before, or are you planning to know you've read this post? 

Much love.