FASHION: Butterfly Twists tan dalmatian 'Gabriella' flats Review

Monday, 14 March 2016

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You may remember I mentioned Butterfly Twists back at the very end of 2015 in my NYE Party Essentials blog post. For those of you that are unaware, Butterfly Twists are shoes that fold in half, so you can fit them easily in your bag. Perfect for those nights out where you want to wear your most glam heels but you just know come the end of the night, your feet will be screaming at you and you will want those bloody heels off your feet! Walking home/around town/to the taxi rank in bare feet is not hygienic or classy. That is where Butterfly twists come in. Get them out of your bag and pop them on your feet.
If you look on their website, you will see that you can purchase a whole range of different styles. From Ballet flats, loafers, trainer-style, and even wellies! I chose the Gabrilella Loafer in the tan Dalmatian print. Being a fan of the odd leopard print style accessory I thought it would be fitting to choose something similar. The Gabriella style actually comes in 7 different patterns, just like many of the other shoe styles available on the site. You really aren’t stuck for choice when it comes to deciding on the type of shoe you would like! Butterfly twist shoes don’t arrive in a conventional rectangular shoe box, due to the fact that they can fold in half! They are presented in a neat square box, already folded up neatly inside. Within the box you also get a little silk drawstring bag. Rather than have the shoes just floating around in your handbag you can keep them together! Last thing you want is going to put them on and you find one has fallen out somewhere! This also makes it handy if you want to keep a pair in your car to change into when you go to or from work. Or you can even leave a pair at work for when the heels just get a bit too much. It’s actually a really good idea!
Comfort wise, the Gabriellas are very great. The soles are padded so it makes them literally feel like slippers. Obviously providing much needed comfort after wearing heels! Sizing is true to size, you don’t need to size up or down. The smallest size is a 36 (UK Size 3) which fits me fine. My feet are pretty narrow (Probably narrower than the average person!), so they don’t fit as snug as some promotional photos show on the inner sides of my feet. When they are on, you can slightly see where the sides are elasticated as they do not lie flat against my feet. This doesn’t mean they fall off when I walk, they are actually a nice fit. It’s just something I figured was worth mentioning in case you are quite particular how a shoe looks!
Tan Dalmation Pony Hair butterfly twist shoes Blog Review image

Butterfly twists are a brand that offers shoes that are suitable for all budgets. You are paying for a good quality & practical shoe. So the price may in some cases come up a little higher than what you would pay for a regular shoe on the highstreet. The shoes range from £28 up to £65 being their most expensive offering. They currently have  a sale on where some of the shoes are under £28, so that’s worth checking out. The Gabriella shoes were £50 which personally is more than I would typically spend on a flat shoe. I’m really impressed with the comfort and quality of them though so would be tempted to get myself another in a different size. Perhaps a pair that would be more work appropriate that I could keep at my desk for the days I want a more relaxed feel in the office!

Like I mentioned previously, they have a range of flat sandals and wellies within their range. The wellies would be so perfect for any festivals coming up, because yes, they also fold up! You can never predict what the weather will be like at a festival so often I’ll take some form of trainer and wellies. Walking in wellies is tough, so if you are able to swap them for the trainers and fold them to pack away into your rucksack. Well that’s a huge plus for me! You’ve got the tent, sleeping back and the food & drink essentials to be carrying! You don’t need some wellies under your arm!

Have you tried any footwear from Butterfly Twists before? Have a look on their website and let me know which style is your favourite!

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