LIFE: The best of February 2016.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

disney dvds chocolate and makeup

- Rediscovering my Naked palette. I used this palette everyday in February. I forgot how great the shades were, I even hit pan on 'Virgin!' I'm favouring the mattes over the shimmers though!

- Going to Comedy shows. We attended our 1st Jongleurs show in our hometown this month & I really enjoyed it. I have a feeling this may turn into a monthly habit of ours.

- February was about eating far too much chocolate (Why do Terrys Chocolate oranges go on offer) and not going to the gym enough! - I'm do better in March I promise.

- Finding my Michael Kors watch again after assuming I'd left it in our old flat when we moved!

-  I started a bit of a declutter in order to get more organised and earn a bit of extra cash.  If it's something you are interested in doing too, take a look at my post 3 ways to make extra money online from earlier in the month.

- For some reason Reading wasn't high priority this month, so I only managed one book. I probably need to take a bit of my own advice from my blog post ' How to make a habit of reading on a regular basis'. Hopeflly I can improve in March!

- Deciding that I need to start a Mulberry fund after falling in love with the Small Alice zipped tote!

- Starting my Disney DVD collection by purchasing the Jungle Book and Cinderella. Buy one get one free in Tesco!

-  Getting stuck in to using Stumbleupon to share my own posts and others that I enjoy with the world! Definitely worth checking out to reach to a wider audience and improve blog traffic! Follow me on Stumbleupon here.

Much love