BEAUTY: Nail HQ Treatments to improve the condition of your nails.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Nail HQ Nail treatments being applied by beauty blogger

I don’t know about you, but if my nails are looking nice I feel a little more put together. My nails haven’t always been in the best condition due to being an occasional nail biter, therefore initially to combat this I recently started taking Biotin tablets. I have a TERRIBLE diet – (Read that as I only eat beige food & no fruit or vegetables are consumed at all… NONE) Therefore I am obviously lacking some vital vitamins. After a recent comment made my by hairdresser that my hair was getting thinner on one side of my head I wanted to prevent it! After some research I decided on taking Biotin tablets, these will help my hair but are also important vitamins for both your hair and nails! In addition to taking the tablets I was recently sent a selection of products from Nail HQ. They have a wide selection of nail treatments to help get your nails in tip top condition, aiding them in becoming nourished, strong and glossy!
I believe there are 9 different treatments that Nail HQ offer. I was sent a selection of 4. For those of you that already have decent nails you may not be too interested in the specific treatments, however they do have standard nail care items like, cuticle oil, a top coat and a base coat. The base coat is rubberised in order for the coloured nail polish of your choice to adhere to the nail smoothly. Using a base coat is pretty important as it reduces the chance of your nails staining or discolouration, if you are something that constantly has their nails painted or uses quite bold colours you may know what I mean by these! If not, just use a base coat! Prevention is key!
You may be someone who can grow their nails well, but suffer because they are weak therefore break easily. If this is a problem for you then it is worth trying a nail hardener. This mineral enriched formula that Nail HQ offers will help toughen up your nails making them less prone to bending and breaking. This clear treatment can be worn on its own or underneath a coloured polish. If your nails are quite brittle and tend to flake, this would be also be a good product to use to combat it. If you would prefer, you could use a nail strengthener. This one from Nail HQ is an intensive strengthening treatment specifically for those with weaker nails. The benefit of using one of these products if your nails are weak is that once you combat the issue you’ll find your nails will grow much better as you diminish the chance of breakage.
Products on offer from Nail HQ to improve your nails.

Perhaps if you really dislike the way your natural nails look, you opt for gels or acrylics, I’ve never personally had them but I can understand why you would get them. Yes they do look pretty but unfortunately if you are someone that gets their nails done often, it’s probably a good idea to take a break from them every now and again. This is the appropriate time to give them some TLC. Nail HQ offer a Protect & Repair treatment which help hydrate, moisturise and condition your nails. Unlike the other treatments, this is one that you reapply over existing coats for 5 days then remove.

Nail HQ Products are available from various different stocklists including Superdrug, Amazon and Fragrance Direct. Retailing between £5.99 and £7.99 they are extremely affordable and easily accessable. I hate it when you find a nice treatment but it costs the earth or isn’t stocked in a variety of places! These products couldn’t have arrived at more of a perfect time. Like I said combined with the biotin tablets I am taking, hopefully I will be on track to beautiful, strong nails which I can paint with all sorts of designs. Maybe I’ll even apply my no mess marble nail art technique to them again! I haven’t done that in a while!

Do you use any treatments to keep your nails in tip top condition? If you are looking for treatments to improve the condition of your nails they are definitely worth checking out.
Much love,