BEAUTY: Revlon Colorstay First Impressions

Monday, 25 April 2016


Surprisingly I haven't really delved into the brand Revlon before! Despite being a 'drugstore' brand I don't usually find myself gravitating towards their stand at all when I am browsing Boots! I would say that it is one of the brands I put on the higher price scale when it comes to affordable makeup. It's not high end, but the prices are slightly more than the likes of Rimmel or Barry M for example. 
Of course the 3 for 2 deal was on in Boots (When isnt it running?) and I was on the hunt for some new base makeup, I figured this would be the appropriate time to give a new brand a try. While stood inbetween the aisles I used the website Findnation to work out what shades would be best fit and got browsing the Revlon shelves.

Now I had heard that this foundation was a good alternative to the Estee lauder Double wear but at a fraction of the cost. I do love ELDW, and go through phases of wearing it. It's brilliant for a full coverage base, so if the Colourstay foundation could give me the same results at a fraction of the price I would be one happy bunny. The foundation comes with a pump which I believe only got introduced in the past couple of years. I dread to think how much foundation I have wasted in the past by pouring out too much. So the pump applicator gets a thumbs up from me. The foundation comes in a good selection of 13 colour shades, You should be able to find your shade easily. I was able to find my shade & decided to purchase it in oily/combination as my skin is having a bit of a moment right now! The foundation is normal consistency. Not too thick at all. I only use probably one full pump across my face and that provides me with more than enough coverage to make me happy. It's not as full as ELDW, however if you do like it fuller, there's no reason why you couldn't put another layer on over the top. By the end of a working day my makeup still looks pretty good so i'm happy with the longevitiy of the coverage, it seems to diminish slightly on my chin but not so much that I think 'oh god my makeups gone from my chin!' The price of this foundation is really reasonable ans similar to others from the drugstore. Even though its not exactly the same as my beloved ELDW, it still is a really good medium to full coverage foundation which isn't cakey and does the job. I'd probably repurchase! 

When you are buying the foundation you may as well try the concealer too! I hadn't heard much about the concealer so I really was going in blind. I ended up purchasing it in the lightest shade from the 5 shades available, usually a safe bet as I am quite pale skinned anyway. Similar to the foundation is it promoted as a full coverage concealer which will be undetectable. Sounds good to me! As first impressions go I was surprised to find that the concealer is quite thick in consistency which isnt what I was expecting. I thought it would be a lot thinner, because of this I personally found it quite hard to work with. Rather than it blending in seamlessly and hiding any imperfections I found that it just kind of sat on the top of my face and wouldn't settle, which as you can imagine was rather annoying. After quite a bit of blending with my brush it evenutally would blend in, but it took some time - Not great if you are in a rush! Considering I really liked the foundation I was dissapointed to discover that the concealer doesnt work for me. It's just a bit too full coverage/on the thick side for me personally to use. I've found myself reaching for other concealers in my collection rather than this one. I would rate the Collection Lasting perfection concealer over this one, the bonus being that its about half the price of the Revlon one. Sorry Revlon but your colourstay concealer isnt for me. I wont be buying again. 

A couple of months ago I saw various beauty vloggers/bloggers feature the new Mascara offerings from Revlon. They'd all talked positively about the different mascara so I decided that when I needed a new one I'd give one of them a go. I like to have long and volumised lashes so I opted for the mascara with the blue lid - Which no surprises here, is the volume and length version. Each of the mascaras have different wands to help achieve different looks. I don't like plastic wands, i prefer those with bristles so I was happy to see this one was the latter. Filled with high expectations I was keen to start using this mascara but god I was dissapointed... I really don't like it! I find the wand doesn't grab my lashes at all dispite being a bristle style one. I was sad about this because looking at the wand, I would have thought it would, and give me some epic volume. I found that the product doesn't really go on my lashes and give me the desired look I crave. I might have picked up a dudd, I don't know. But at £9.99 I don't particularly want to pick up another incase I just get the same result. As first impressions go I feel like I've been duped by all the others bloggers and vloggers who sung it's praises! Has anyone else tried this mascara and found the same? If you think I bought a dudd then let me know and MAYBE ill go pick up another to give it a second shot. 

Have you tried any of these products from Revlon before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

Much love