LIFE: Introducing Boost Juice at The Oracle, Reading.

Monday, 11 April 2016

As you all know I'm not a massive fruit or veg fan. As I've got older I've began to accept that the lack of these vital foods is probably the reason why my metabolism has slowed thus I'​ve put on a bit of weight (not the main culprit of course but a lack of a balanced diet is a big​ contributor!) 

My thing is textures. I hate all the different textures each fruit has​, so getting me to try some is hard work. I'm a stubborn person. If I don't want to do something I won't! It makes me so anxious when someone tries to get me to try a new food. It's like a phobia. I get panicked, sweaty, my heart beats really fast & I get really worried about it. It isn't a pleasant feeling as you can imagine, which is why I honestly get really annoyed with people​ who persist and ​say "just try it what's the worst that can happen" I know deep down nothing bad could happen but that doesn't stop me refusing to take a bite of that strawberry! With that being said I've wanted to explore ways of getting fruit and veg into my diet without the panic and pressure of someone watching me to see my reaction, therefore when an invite came through to try out Boost Juice in The Oracle shopping centre in Reading I thought why not....
I'll give you a little bit of info behind the company first. Originally  the company started in Australia in the year 2000,  however Boost came to the UK in 2007 & opened its first juice bar in Manchester. Since then there have been various other bars opening up in shopping centres all over the UK, including Reading. Boost offer a wide range of different products to try from. Which was lucky for me as it meant there was a variation of offerings I could psyc myself up to try at the event! From low fat smoothies, Super smoothies, juices, fruit crushers and even protein balls. There's something for everyone really.

I was a little apprehensive at first, however after sitting down and hearing more about how Boost produce their drinks and having a little taster - That's right I tried a couple of smoothies!!! (and they were okay!) I was keen to get behind the scenes and try making something myself. Everyone opted for a different drink. The staff are welcome to  put together new fruit combinations if its not on the menu,, just ask if they willdo it for you, no questions asked. Which I thought was great for someone like me who isnt too keen on most fruits but would like to give something simple a try - I often find the menu choices at places like this pack so many different fruits into one drink it (stupidly) scares me a bit.- What Can I say I'm a bit weird! Even if it is something as plain as a strawberry smoothie with some extra suppliments thrown in they are happy to create something tailored for your personal tastes. Boost operate a 4 minute rule. So from the time of ordering they will guarantee that your drink will be in your hand within 4 minutes, which is pretty good going. As you can imagine it could get a bit hectic in the busy periods but they still manage. During our time at the event there was a constant stream of people coming buy to purchase a drink to go. Juicing has become a lot more popular in recent years as it's a quick and convenient way to get that nutritional hit while on the go!

We all had a little taster of each others creations, and I found myself liking them all, which got me thinking. Maybe blending fruits into a freshing juice will work better for me, rather than having to physically eat them! We were luckily enough to get a couple of vouchers to use in the future, so I'll be popping by when I'm next in Reading to try a fruitier flavour. I like the idea of the crushers as they sound extremely refreshing!  I might even invest in something like the nurtibullet to try making at home smoothies. I've seen many others use them and they seem to produce extremely smooth smoothies (I don't like lumps in my drink, honestly I wont drink anything if it 'has bits' in!!) Smoothies and juices do seem to be a great way to get a quick fruit or veg fix and to me isn't as daunting as eating a plate of salad! Watch this space, I may be a fruit and veg lover in the future!  

Have you visited any Boost Juice bars at all before? 

Much love,