LIFESTYLE : The Best Of March 2016

Sunday, 10 April 2016

pink gerberas

 I had a rather social Month when it came to catching up with friends during March, starting with Charli and her boyfriend coming to visit us at the start of the Month. We took a little trip to Oxford which you can read about on Charli's blog. Due to going on a graduation day we werent able to go see all the things we would have liked. I know Tom and I are planning another trip there soon. 

We saw more comedy this month in the form of Romesh Ranganathan. That guy is funny. I had jaw ache at the end of his show from laughing so much. You will usually find him on various tv panel shows, giving his quite blunt but comical opinion on things. If you've never been to a show of his, I highly recommend you put it on your to do list! 

I treated myself this month to a new addition to my wardrobe. A real leather jacket. I've been after one for a while, and when I was in Reading with Lorna one weekend, she spotted this gem of a jacket in Zara. At £90 it's a pretty good deal in the first place compared to other jackets I'd been eyeing up (All Saints I'm looking at you) I had a voucher that took down even further in price meaning it was inevitable that it would be going home with me. 

Keeping with the theme of meeting with friends. I had a long overdue catch up with one of my best friends from school. We went out for dinner followed by drinks, (I don't really do drinks these days I'm such a granny!) It was lovely to catch up and see her husband and little boy Charlie too! 

Easter weekend saw Tom and I eating lots of chocolate and chilling out. But we made sure we had time to go out and do something, visiting Whipsnade Zoo. A Zoo I've been keen to visit for a while now. I have to say though I was a little disappointed. It's a very big zoo (which is good as the animals have a lot of space) but it requires a lot of walking. Tom and I both felt that we had just been to other zoos that were just that little bit better laid out and had more things to do/information about the animals. 

Towards the end of the month I met up with a couple of other local bloggers to go to an event at Boost Juice in  The Oracle shopping centre, Reading. I know what you are thinking 'Leanne you don't really eat fruit, why did you go to that event' Well, lets just say I came away with a different attitude to fruit having tried it in juice form, but more on that in another blog post. 

Finally in March I decided to purchase myself a fitness tracker. I would like a fitbit, and a lot of people I know use one, however I could not justify the price if it's something I'm just going through a phase with. Therefore I purchased myself a fitbug. If any one would be interested to know how i get on with it, let me know and I can do a review for you.

What did you get up to in March?

Much love,