BEAUTY: The Back to MAC recycling scheme.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Back to Mac Recycling Scheme UK
Do you want to help the environment. Are you a fan of makeup? Did you answer yes to both of these questions? Well in that case, have you heard of the Back to MAC program MAC Cosmetics run? For those who have a few products from MAC, and those who have a whole collection full, this is a  scheme that is worth getting involved in. 1. Because you are doing something good to help the environment and 2. Your efforts will be rewarded in the form of new makeup!

The Back to MAC program requires you to return 6 primary packaged products when you are finished with them. Primary packaging can include the following to name a few; Eyeshadow, blush, MSF, Powder, Fix+, Lipsticks.... I have heard you can also return the packaging for the makeup wipes too.  If you aren’t sure, gather up your empties and take them to store, someone working at the counter will be able to confirm which they accept. Alternatively if you purchase something from a MAC counter you could ask there and then if it is part of the scheme.  
After returning 6 empty products you can choose 1 lipstick for free as a ‘thank you’ from MAC for recycling. I believe that if you go to a stand alone store rather than a counter within a larger shop then you may be able to get a free eyeshadow or Lipgloss instead. It varies.  But if you go to somewhere like Debenhams or House of Fraser you will only be offered a lipstick for your empties. I guess it depends what you have your heart set on. I know I’d be happy with a free lippy! When it comes to choosing what lipstick to get, you can have any of them apart from those in the Viva Glam line, as the full sale of these go to charity.
I currently have 3 empty products sat in my dresser draw, ready to go back to MAC. I don’t own that many products from MAC in the first place so it may be a while until I am able to get my free lippy! Despite taking a while, I will still persevere and get those illusive 6 empty products to try out the scheme as I think it’s such a great idea. Other makeup brands should do something similar in my opinion!
Had you heard of the back to Mac Scheme? Have you ever tried it?
Much love