BEAUTY: Cleansers on Trial.

Monday, 2 May 2016

* This post includes Pr Samples * 

In order to switch up my skincare routine a bit I've been trialing a few different types of Cleansers recently. I've always opted for the Hot Cloth Cleanser variety, however  I knew there were others on the market so it was only fair I gave them a test run too.

As mentioned in a previous post discussing my Skincare routine I purchased the Sanctuary Spa Ulitmate Cleansing Oil  from boots over my usual Soap and Glory one. As I said before it works really well at removing my makeup combined with a flannel soaked in warm water. Even getting rid of stubborn mascara! After continued use I can confirm that I am a big fan of the oil cleanser.  Not only does it work well at removing any makeup from my face. It leaves my skin feeling really nourished and soft! I find with an oil cleanser you can use a small amount of product each time you wash your face. By applying it to dry skin, then combining the oil with water extends the product making you less likely to use too much per cleanse. I've had my bottle ages now and it's still going strong. So cost per use wise it's a really good investment in my opinion. If you havent tried an oil cleanser before then I highly recommend you give them a go. They remove everything! 

Next up I have a Yes to Cucumbers daily Gel Cleanser*. I haven't used a gel cleanser before so wasn't sure what to expect. You wet your face with warm water, then apply the gel cleanser to it and massage it in to remove all makeup. I feel that gel cleansers work the best with a cleansing brush though to be honest. Whether you have a hand held manual one like this one from The Body Shop or an electrical one like the Magnitone or Clarisonic. I tried it with my Magnitone and I personally felt that I got a better cleanse pairing it with the tool rather than using my fingers to massage it into my skin, so that is something to bare in mind. (Although different methods work for different people) It is a really affordable product at £6.99 which you can purchase from Boots or ASOS.

Finally I've been trialing out the Temple Spa in the beginning deep cleansing melt*. A balm cleanser with a bit of a difference as it has exfoliating beads in it. You apply it to damp skin, then with circular upword movements you gently massage it in. The exfoliating beads will gradually disappear leaving you with a really nice scented balm to continue cleansing your face with. This product feels the most luxurious of the 3, given that its presented in the glass tub too! With a very Spa-like feel to it, you can also use this cleanser as a deep nourishing mask if your skin is feeling particularly dehydrated. Just massage it in but leave for 30 mins before washing off. I do like that this has a two different uses as it is on the more pricey side. After continued use my skin did in fact feel very nourished. I felt like I was having a mini pamper sesh every time I used it to be honest! It's one I would recommend if you fancied a bit of a treat. It works really well at removing all my makeup and I go off to bed feeling like I've given my face a bit of TLC in the process. 

I think for everyday use my favourite would have to be an oil cleanser, its probably the quickest and most efficent type of cleanser that removes my makeup as well as leaving my skin feeling great. A balm cleanser is nice for a slightly more Luxe experience in my opinion, so I wouldn't rule that one out! Gel cleansers I dont think are for me. To  be honest they just remind me a bit of regular face wash if Im honest. Nothing too special, but like I said they do a great job combined with some form of facial brush! 

Have you tried any of these  types of cleansers before? 

Much love,