BOOKS: My to be read pile (TBR 03)

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

TBR. Charity shop book haul
A few weeks have passed, and another TBR pile has been created...without finishing reading the others obviously! Where’s the logic in that hey? I find these sort of posts a great way to physically document the books I have to read, which at the end of the year I can look back on and see how many of the books purchased this year I actually got through. There’s a particular charity shop in the town I work in that always has a really good collection of books available. At 95p a book (some which are in near perfect condition) it’s hard to say no. So on one leisurely stroll on my lunch break I just popped in and happen to buy 3 more books to add to my ever growing TBR pile. I don’t feel so guilty though as the money spent is going to charity even though it’s a small amount. It’s still a nice charitable gesture.  So what books did I pick up on this little trip then?


I’ve seen this book highly praised on goodreads, in bookshops & online. Given that this was adapted into a film my expectations are high for this one. It must be good if it’s been turned into a film right? Room is the story of a mother and son who for whatever reason (I’ve purposely avoided reviews so nothing gets spoiled so I’m pretty clueless) live together in one room, a locked room.  This is all Jack has ever known, at 5 years old that’s a lot of ‘life’ to have missed out on! The blurb on the back is very short and quite to the point. Thus making me want to read the book to find out what the heck is going on. You see in the blurb Jack and his Mum are described as prisoners. Now I’m not stupid, I have an idea of what path is this going to lead down but I’m still intrigued all the same, a book I am looking forward to getting stuck into but at the same time I’m a bit concerned if it’s going to be a little uncomfortable to read?
I grabbed this book One, Because it’s in perfect condition. Two, I’ve seen it a lot online and in stores and figured if it’s popular then it must be good?!  I believe it was part of Richard & Judy’s book club selections for Spring which probably explains why I saw it pimped out a lot. The little Paris Bookshop tells the story of Jean Perdu, who runs a book shop on a barge. Jean is able to help his customers by pairing them up with a book that will help soothe their troubles. The problem being that he can’t do that for himself, but with the arrival of a new neighbour in his apartment block. Perdu decides to unmoor his barge and go off on an adventure in search for his love who fled paris 21 years previously. I think this is probably going to be a really heartwarming book to read, the fact it’s set in France is probably going to make me want to book a city break there after I’ve read it, which isn’t a bad thing.
A chick lit book that popped up either through the recommendations feature on Goodreads or someone on my friends list was reading it. As you will know from my previous posts relating to books I’m partial to the odd chick lit book every now and again. Strictly Between us is a story of two friends Tamsin and Michelle. Best of buds, one of which hears a rumour her friends husband has done the dirty so they hatch a plan to try and trap him, catch him in the act. So as you can see, typical trashy chick lit. The best kind! What the girls don’t consider is that girl they are using to trap the husband. What are her intentions, is she doing a helpful deed to friends or is it something else....  YEP, This is going to be great effortless reading that I may speed through. As I’ve said before I do like a bit of chick lit that doesn’t require much concentration. This is more of what I would call a ‘holiday’ read for me but as I’m not going away until September I think I’ll have to break the rules a little & read it on my commute instead.
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Have you read any of these? If you are into your books and reading, do you have a particular place you like to go to purchase books. I think charity shops are fast becoming a favourite of mine.

Much love,