FASHION: Spring ASOS Wishlist.

Monday, 23 May 2016

This weekend, when I was powering through all my washing and ironing I realised that I really do own a lot of black clothes. I mean I knew the majority of my wardrobe was black. But when you wash it all at the same time, iron it all and hang it up, that is when it hits you. You are in fact Wednesday Adams. Black is a safe choice for me, however as I pointed out in my spring essentials post, I do need to attempt to inject some colour into my wardrobe. So with payday looming I decided to get my butt on good ol' ASOS and start browsing for some new pieces, and I wouldn't be a good blogger if I didn't share my picks with you and throw my enabling hat on would I! So without further adoo, here are my picks after a pretty hefty browsing session..... All images are clickable - Click on them to take you to the relevant page on ASOS to order ;-)

As you can see, I like the idea of getting a few pretty blouses, rather than opting for the usual plain Tshirt I tend to go for usually. I know I'd probably feel a little more put together with a blouse, it makes you look like you have made more of an effort! I mainly wear black jeans, and all of these would work well paired with them. There's a definite colour scheme going on here too, but nothing is black, so that is okay!

Again with dresses there's a bit of a theme going on here... but to me blue and white = Spring and summer! I've picked a selection of different styles that would work well for a multitude of ocassions. Like I've said previously I'm not that great on buying clothes for warmer weather therefore I picked a few styles that would work well here in the UK with our 'summer weather' and abroad where it is a bit hotter!

When it comes to my  bottom half I pretty much live in a denim or black pair of skinny jeans. However when warmer weather arrives I can get a bit hot in those. I've only picked out a few things from ASOS that have caught my eye as I know ultimately if I can get away with wearing my skinnies then I will! - Also I find shopping for things for the bottom half of my body tough because I'm so out of proportion!

I like to wear my converse a lot. But sometimes the occasion may call for a pretty shoe, or something more weather appropriate. I've selected a mix of comfortable flats, and smaller heeled shoes. This girl cannot do massive heels anymore, I look ridiculous trying to walk in them. Despite being 4ft 11, I will never be tall even with heels. I just cant do it! With a smarter shoe I can make a simple jeans and Tshirt outfit look a bit more polished and put together!

Now that I have had a good browse of the site, I really am counting down the days till payday so I can at least treat myself to 1 or 2 or 3,4,5..6... items from this list. The bonus with ASOS is that their returns process is really easy, so if I do go crazy and place a big order, I wont have to worry too much about having to send anything back if it ends up not fitting correctly! - More of a reason to slurge no?

What takes your fancy from my picks? Have you bought anything from ASOS recently? It's nice to have a bit of retail therapy from time to time!

Much love,