BEAUTY: New in YSL Touche Eclat Foundation

Monday, 16 May 2016

As previously metioned in my April’s best bits blog post, I hosted a makeup masterclass with fellow blogger Lorna in collaboration with House of Fraser. We were both very taken with the products used by Immy from YSL that we ended up spending a good portion of our afternoon after the event browsing the counter, swatching and testing various products from the brand. During the masterclass a variety of different products were used on my face but there were two in particular that I was really impressed with. Today’s post I will be focusing on one of those products, their Touche Eclat foundation.
Having only dabbled in the brand via their lipsticks I was very exciting to try their foundation. Having never tried any of their base products before and not really reading too much about them, I literally was going in blind. I didn’t have someone elses opinions already in my mind from reading their blog or watching a youtube video. The masterclass was time for me to form my own opinion of the product, and it was love from the moment it was applied to my skin to be honest! First things first,  the touche ├ęclat foundation comes in a very large shade range (22 to be precise), which is a great because I love brands that offer a nice diverse range of different shades for everyone.  The consistency of the YSL Touche Eclat foundation is very fluid, which at first is a bit scary when you pump it onto the back of your hand is it may run a bit. However this works well given that you hardly need to use any. One pump of the stuff is more than enough to cover my entire face. Because its so liquidy (?) it blends beautifully into my skin with minimal amount of effort required.
YSL  has reformulated this foundation since its initial release back in 2012. It now contains ingredients similar to those in the Touche Eclat pens, helping to improve your overall appearance, ensuring your skin looks less tired and more brighter and awake. There are light diffusing properties within the foundation that help combat this, so after my base was applied I was left with a flawless glowy base, without feeling like I really had any makeup on, its that light on the skin you can barely feel it!
With its beautiful glass packaging and its £32.50 price tag, it is indeed a luxury product  which I will admit looks beautiful sitting upon my dressing table! But I do think the price is worth it, especially considering that I know I won’t be using it up quickly. Unlike other foundations I have tried without a pump, you can control the amount  of product you use easily, and like I said you could possibly even get away with using half a pump of the foundation to cover your entire face! YSL are happy to give out samples of this foundation if you go along to the counter. I would recommend doing this because you will be able to get colour matched correctly. When spending over £30 on a foundation you want to make sure you get the right colour for your skin. The sample is a generous size which may even last you 7 days. I actually got a sample from Immy on the day, but then about 15 mins after she handed it to me, I just decided to go ahead and buy the full sized bottle too! That tiny sample lasted a week before I needed to use the real deal, So it’s worth getting one to try out before you buy as you know you can get a few uses from it before deciding if you want to make the splurge or not.

Have you tried this foundation before? Maybe you’ve used something else from the brand? Let me know in the comments.
Much Love,