LIFE : The best of May 2016.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

- In May I finally manned up and tried an exercise class. I've started attending 'Clubbercise' once a week. Now, the fact this class is entirely in the dark with the exception of a few disco lights may have swung my decision to attend. I feel a lot less self conscious as its in a dark room! With glow sticks in hand, I have a 45 min cardio workout every Tuesday evening. For those unaware of Clubbercise, it's basically aerobics, but it's in a room decked out like your secondary school disco! It isn't too intense, it gets my heart pumping and it's better than sitting on the sofa on a Tuesday evening! I found my local class through Facebook, so if you are thinking of giving it a go have a search on there for somewhere near you.

- Bloom & Wild sent through a beautiful bouquet (pictured) this month. Every blogger loves a Peony Bouquet, don't they ;-) The Eloise bouqet really brightened up our flat, it was a nice surprise to find them waiting for me when I got home! The unique thing about Bloom & Wild is that with the majority of their flowers, you wont have to wait in to receive them. They are packaged in a way that they will fit through your letterbox! You just arrange them yourself when they arrive! I personally find this really handy in a couple of ways. 1. If you want to send someone a bouquet as a surprise it really will be a surprise even if they are out of the house as they will s. 2. The fact I can arrange them how I want is great as I prefer to have smaller vases dotted around our home rather than one large vase of blooms. In my opinion flowers do lift your mood, as I've mentioned before in previous posts, I like to try to have flowers in my home at all times! (Luckily neither of us suffer with Hayfever!)

- May saw me go for the big ol' chop! I havent debuted my new hair on the blog yet, however I have posted the odd photo over on snapchat (xo_Leannemarie is my username) My hair was definitely in need of a good cut, so I just decided to go for a sort of Lob. Even though I prefer how it looks when its got a bit of a wave to it, I am trying to avoid the heated appliances as much as possible. I believe that bleaching it really blonde last year and using the hair straighteners and curlers on it often took it's toll. Before the cut my hair was actually lopsided where so much had broken off! Now I'm ready to keep my hair in a lovely healthy condition! I'm still getting used to the length!  

- Tom took park in two 10k runs this month, and consequently I ended up signing up to a 5K run for June! Ahh. I need to go out on a few more runs outside around where we live to get used to Road running rather than the treadmill. Tom and I are so different. I prefer running on the treadmill because I find I'm more disciplined when I am on it. I will look at the time or distance and will not stop till I hit my target for that session, whereas if I go out on the roads, I will easily give up and start walking! I think this is because I dont have a time or distance countdown right in front of me in my eyeline, therefore I feel like I've been running for a long time/distance when in fact it's been a couple of minutes! Regardless of how much 'training' I do for this 5k. I'm just going to take it easy. The entire day is for charity anyway so it's for a good cause. No different to a quick gym session on a Sunday morning right?

What did you get up to in May? I think apart from the 5k charity run I have planned June is looking to be a pretty quiet month for me!

Much love,


  1. Clubbercise sounds amazing!! I need to get on this!
    Good luck with your 5k!! There are loads of apps you can get which will tell you your time and distance every mile or kilometre, or even every half mile if you prefer. Try Strava or the nike running app - they're my favourites. I also find that listening to really upbeat music helps :)

  2. Well I turned 26 which you seemed to have missed from your list ;)

  3. That bouquet is gorge and I saw the hair on snapchat, looks amazing!

    Sophie x

  4. A new hair cut, exercise classes and flowers it looks good to me.

  5. Love the peonies. If you need something else to help you train and you like the dark, fun atmosphere of Clubbercise, I'd definitely suggest giving spinning a go. It's more or less the same, without the glow stick and with a bike instead. Ha!

    - Elodie x

  6. That bouquet is very beautiful. May was a busy month for me and looks like June will even be busier.

  7. Its great that you got a new hair cut! I am planning to do the same very soon!


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