Yes, we are in a heatwave, Yes it appears summer has arrived, however we saw the rain at Download. We saw the rain at Glastonbury. With many other festivals still to take place throughout the summer months, & the UK's weather is known to be unpredictable the last thing you want to do is be caught out with inappropriate footwear. You need the festival essential that is a pair of wellies.

When Butterfly twists asked if I wanted to feature another style of shoe from their brand I of course said yes. You may remember the Gabriella dalmatian fold up flats I blogged about a few months ago, that I was a huge fan of. Well Butterfly Twist offer other styles, and of course the most fitting for festival season are their wellies that have the flexibility to fold up! There are 3 different styles to choose from in multiple colour ways. The Carlise - a mock croc boot available in 3 classic colours. The Eton - a shorter ankle boot style available in 5 different colourways. Finally The Windsor - A taller version of the Eton but available in 9 different colours. I decided to pick the latter in a simple grey and black combination. I figured as most of my clothing is black it would be be wrong to shy away from my favourite colours ;-)

If you aren't wearing your wellies to your destination, I think you will agree that they do take up a bit of space. They are a bit bulky to lug around. The wellies from Butterfly twists are lightweight and flexible making them really easy to fold over and store in the little drawstring bag that gets sent with them. Thus  making them more compact & take up a lot less room. Also handy for after the festival if there is mud.... keep that mud contained and don't ruin the inside of your car! 

Unlike other brands that offer stylish wellies, the ones from Butterfly Twist are really affordable, with the most expensive pair being £60. For a pair of boots that will keep my feet warm in the rain and snow (I realise its July and talking about snow sounds ridiculous, but you know I've got to express my thoughts and opinions all all aspects of welly wearing! haha) The fabric band at the top of the Windsors are a god send, especially if you are wearing the boots to a festival with a cute summer dress or some cut off jeans. I really hate it when the tops of the wellies rub your legs! It's so frustrating. With these I dont even need to worry about getting wellie socks to protect myself. Win Win!

Will you be taking a pair of fold up wellies to your next festival? When the weather is so unpredicable its worth making sure you have something like this on standby, not worth getting your converse caked in mud and ruined! I'm going to Reading Festival this year and these will definitely be on my feet if it's chucking down with rain!

Much Love,

What makes a woman beautiful is the healthy practices that she follows and not just the mere color of her skin. Whether you want use a few creams or take better care of your health by adopting the right lifestyle is entirely upto you. Either way, here are a few tips that can really help you in the long run;

1) Drink plenty of water: This one of the most effective beauty tips you could follow on a daily basis. By consuming enough water, you can forget all about your skin and complexion problems. Water helps hydrate your skin, relaxes your mind, keeps away those wrinkles and fine lines and has many other benefits.

2) Eat the right food: Food also plays a major role in maintaining healthy skin. Eat as much legumes, fruits, vegetables, eggs and lean meat as possible which helps keeps you healthy and strong.

3) Relax: There is no point in stressing. Try to find ways in which you can keep the stress under control and keep yourself engaged in fun activities online. GameVillage Bingo is an online gaming site that provides for a rich selection of games and keeps you entertained almost every minute. 

4) Adopt a new exercise: Exercising is not all about dropping the weight. Regular exercise gives you a healthy, glowing look; helps you to be more positive; keeps your mind busy and helps you to concentrate better on whatever it is you are doing.

5) Sufficient sleep: What many women fail to realize is that sleeping also plays a major part in maintaining healthy skin. Good amount of sleep is a must to a healthy skin. Make sure you get sound sleep and relax your mind fully. Try to have at least 6-7 hours of sleep everyday.

Hope these tips have helped you in more ways than one. Now, there is nothing that can stop from being the most beautiful girl you know!

Much love