The most important thing to bare in mind when going on holiday to a hotter climate is sun protection. Over the years I have learnt from my mistakes and take it a lot more seriously than I did in the past. I remember mine and Toms first holiday together, we both got so sun burnt on our first day that it just put a downer on the rest of our break. Over the years I have become more aware of what I should and shouldn’t do while in the sun. Starting with the products I use. 

Now this is not necessarily sun protection, but I felt it was worth mentioning before I get to the nitty gritty. For the past 2 years pre holiday I have used the Elemis Tan Accelerator lotion 2 weeks before going away on holiday. It’s a moisturiser you use daily on the lead up to going away. The tosolin; which is made up from polysaccharides preps your skin for sun exposure, promoting a more natural deep tan. I can honestly say that going forward I will never go away without using this first. I find I get a much nicer colour, and don’t burn, now this may be in combination with my more savvy sun protection but it works, so is a product I will continue to use as part of my holiday prep!

Back in the day I would have opted for low factor sun creams from the get go. My thoughts were if I used a higher factor then I wouldn’t tan. The reality is, using a higher factor doesn’t completely stop you from getting a tan, it just reduces the speed that you do and protects your skin from the sun better, than if you were to say solely use factor 8 while away! These days for my body, I always start with a factor 30 for the first couple of days. Let’s be honest, it’s rare our skin sees proper sun in the UK so it’s probably a bit of a shock at first! My brand of choice for the last couple of years has been Piz Buin. I like to use the sun sensitive allergy versions, mainly because this type helps combat prickily heat.  Which if you are a sufferer of, know that it can get really bloody annoying when you have it! The result may be different on other people, but for me it really helps combat the issue! Towards the mid part to end of my holiday I will probably switch to a lower factor product. This year I have gone with the Hawaiian Tropic protectivedry oil in factor 15. (Now I may purchase factor 20 as well, just incase I don’t want to jump down a factor so drastically) Not only will this protect my skin it also moisturises at the same time. It is water resistant, but like all sun protection I always like to do a top up after being in the water, regardless if it says it won’t come off. It’s better to be safe than sorry! 

A lot of people like to reduce the amount of sun damage on their face, myself included. That is why this year I am taking the Vichy mattifying face fluid infactor 50 on holiday with me. I chose this firstly because of the high SPF and also that it’s mattifying. – I dislike my face feeling greasy in hot weather so this is the perfect product. Again it states that it is water resistant, but I will topping it up on regular intervals to ensure maximum protection.

Other non product based things you should take with you when planning to lie out in the sun would be a good sun hat. Whether it be a large straw hat with a cheeky slogan, trilby style or even a baseball cap. Not only will this offer protection for your head (No one wants a sunburnt hair line, trust me I’ve experienced it and its horrible) you can also use it to completely cover your face if you don’t want it directly in the sunlight, or you know, to look super stylish around the pool! To accompany your fashionable but practical hat, you will also need sunglasses. They are an essential. I have a selection of pairs, but I tend to use cheap ones around the pool. The amount of times you may drop them, higher risk of standing on them etc. I will not be taking my pricer shades pool side; they can just make an appearance in blog photos! No one wants to squint in the sun; it’s just going to give you awful frown lines on your forehead!  

Remember to keep hydrated when sun bathing too , always have a bottle of water with you, or keep making trips to the pool bar for a cheeky cocktail/mocktail. Finally, the sun is hottest from 11am to 3pm. During that time make the most of your parasol over your sun bed, pop up it up and read a book/snooze for a couple of hours in the shade.

What are your sun protection tips when going on holiday? 

Much love, 
For once after being a bit of a Moaning Murtle year after year regarding the fact I have no appropriate clothes for warmer weather, I am finally taking action and beginning to purchase some bits and pieces! SHOCK . I’ve come to the realisation that I cannot get away with living in jeans or jeggings all through summer because sometimes, the UK is good to us and provides with a little bit of sunshine!  With that being said I have found myself doing  A LOT of browsing online on various websites, booking marking a lot of different items I’d like to get to update my summer wardrobe! The following are just a few bits and pieces I have picked out that I feel would make good additions & would work well here in the UK when the sun is shining & also when I go away on holiday later in the year! 

I am quite short so I do struggle to find maxi dresses to suit me. I always have to head to the petite section! I’m lucky that petite ranges are becoming more of thing, so I have more of variety of styles to choose from!  Despite the struggle to find them,I do like maxi dresses as you can literally throw them on, whack on a pair of sandals, slap on some Factor 30 & you are good to go. Perfect for evenings on holibobs! Denim shorts are a summer staple. I don’t actually have any pairs that fit me anymore *sob* so a new pair is definitely needed, sticking to my comfort zone of denim but without the leg suffocation skinny jeans bring in the warmer months! I think the floral shorts make a nice addition for when it’s warm & you have something a bit fancier to go to, pair with a nice cami top and you are ready to go. The lightweight fabric makes them ideal to take away on holiday too.

Playsuits are a summer essential for me, more so when I go away on holiday, but there are some really nice ones available that would also be UK Summer appropriate. This one from Lipsy is so pretty. I love the detailing! This year I’ve become a bit of a fan of the ol’ espadrille shoe too! I did have a black pair but they fell apart, so instead I’m eyeing up these pretty lace ones! I think they make a nice change from wearing my converse in the summer, which can get a bit hot!

There are probably a lot more holiday bits I’ll end up purchasing before we go away/during the summer months but these are a couple of items I will be sure to make sure I have in my suitcase this year! 

What are your holiday wardrobe essentials?