FASHION: Holiday Wardrobe Essentials.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

For once after being a bit of a Moaning Murtle year after year regarding the fact I have no appropriate clothes for warmer weather, I am finally taking action and beginning to purchase some bits and pieces! SHOCK . I’ve come to the realisation that I cannot get away with living in jeans or jeggings all through summer because sometimes, the UK is good to us and provides with a little bit of sunshine!  With that being said I have found myself doing  A LOT of browsing online on various websites, booking marking a lot of different items I’d like to get to update my summer wardrobe! The following are just a few bits and pieces I have picked out that I feel would make good additions & would work well here in the UK when the sun is shining & also when I go away on holiday later in the year! 

I am quite short so I do struggle to find maxi dresses to suit me. I always have to head to the petite section! I’m lucky that petite ranges are becoming more of thing, so I have more of variety of styles to choose from!  Despite the struggle to find them,I do like maxi dresses as you can literally throw them on, whack on a pair of sandals, slap on some Factor 30 & you are good to go. Perfect for evenings on holibobs! Denim shorts are a summer staple. I don’t actually have any pairs that fit me anymore *sob* so a new pair is definitely needed, sticking to my comfort zone of denim but without the leg suffocation skinny jeans bring in the warmer months! I think the floral shorts make a nice addition for when it’s warm & you have something a bit fancier to go to, pair with a nice cami top and you are ready to go. The lightweight fabric makes them ideal to take away on holiday too.

Playsuits are a summer essential for me, more so when I go away on holiday, but there are some really nice ones available that would also be UK Summer appropriate. This one from Lipsy is so pretty. I love the detailing! This year I’ve become a bit of a fan of the ol’ espadrille shoe too! I did have a black pair but they fell apart, so instead I’m eyeing up these pretty lace ones! I think they make a nice change from wearing my converse in the summer, which can get a bit hot!

There are probably a lot more holiday bits I’ll end up purchasing before we go away/during the summer months but these are a couple of items I will be sure to make sure I have in my suitcase this year! 

What are your holiday wardrobe essentials? 

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